Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Attractions in Windsor, England: Top 11 Attractions & Things to Do

Today we bring you a description of top attractions in Windsor, England and things to do. Visit in the ancient town of Windsor in Berkshire, as well as many activities that you can do to enjoy yourself here.

There are several sightseeing opportunities and entertaining things to do in the little Berkshire town of Windsor, which is located on the south bank of the River Thames and 22 miles west of central London. It still has a charming medieval appearance with its gorgeous, old half-timbered homes, serpentine passageways, and cobblestone paths.

Due to Windsor Castle, one of the Royal Family’s official residences, the town is a very famous tourist attraction. Be prepared to spend the most of the day here (and pack a picnic), since there are so many significant historic areas of interest to see, whether you are visiting as part of a day trip excursion from London or other regions of England. So, here are the attractions in Windsor and things to do that we are going to describe :

  1. Royal Windsor Castle
  2. Frogmore House & Gardens
  3. Windsor Festival & Theatre Royal
  4. Windsor & Royal Borough Museum
  5. Eton College
  6. Legoland Windsor Resort
  7. Runnymede and Ankerwycke – National Trust – Historic Site
  8. Dorney Court
  9. Ascot Racecourse
  10. The Savill Garden
  11. Thames Boat Trip

01) Royal Windsor Castle

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Location: Windsor Castle, Windsor

When talking about attractions in Windsor, the place that takes precedence is Windsor Castle. In the English county of Windsor, Berkshire, there is a royal residence called Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle, a royal old castle built on a limestone hill, has been the summer residence of British monarchs for more than 900 years. It has a significant connection to the English royal family and subsequent British royal families. Nearly a millennium of architectural history is represented by Windsor Castle.

Following William the Conqueror’s Norman invasion of England in the 11th century, the ancient palace was constructed. It has been in use by the current monarch since Henry I’s reign (1100–1135), and it is the longest palace in all of Europe. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and one of Britain’s most breathtaking castles.

Windsor Castle is a relaxing place to visit. The 13 acres of scenic land where the palace is located will captivate your heart. St. George’s Chapel, built in the medieval Perpendicular Gothic style, the 26 Knights of the Ancient Order of the Garter, the traditional ladies’ residence, the Queen’s Gallery and the dining hall of the state apartments, with exquisite wood carvings and painted ceilings, are nearly six miles away on the south side of the palace. The amazing Great Gardens that run through the palace are among the top attractions you can see at Windsor Castle.

There are educational guided tours of the gardens and apartments, and taking part in a special evening tour is one of the best things to do in Windsor at night. On Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, you can place an order. You’ll have a chance to see the ceremonial of the changing of the guard if you can schedule your visit at 11 o’clock. Another attraction is the chance to photograph the guards as they march from Windsor to the castle.

02) Frogmore House & Gardens

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Location : Home Park, Frogmore Dr, Windsor SL4 2JG, United Kingdom

Frogmore House & Gardens is the second place of the list of the attractions in Windsor which is located very close to Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England. This 33-acre private garden estate is managed by the Crown Estate. These include Frogmore House, Royal Retreat and Frogmore Cottage. The Frogmore Estate is only open to the public a few days a year. But adding Frogmore Estate to your itinerary will give you a truly beautiful experience. You will be given the exceptional chance to see a less well-known but no less gorgeous royal retreat, which is where Queen Victoria’s ultimate resting place is located.

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

The gardens at Frogmore Estate are home to burial grounds for members of the British royal family. Among them, the royal cemeteries such as the tomb of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the Royal Cemetery and the tomb of the Duchess of Kent (the burial place of Queen Victoria’s mother) take a special place. The gardens are Grade I listed on the Register of Historic Gardens and Parks in England.

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Today, Frogmore Hall is used for entertainment and in the past it was used as the venue for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception.

Approximately six days a year, generally around Easter and the August Bank Holiday, the house and gardens are open to the public. On days when the gardens are open to the public, visitors can stroll around the grounds’ perimeter and see the Royal Burial Ground. Although it is never exposed to the public, the Duchess of Kent’s mausoleum can also be seen from the outside. For groups of up to 15, private tours of certain areas of Frogmore House are available in August (by prior reservation).

03) Windsor Festival and Theatre Royal

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

When talking about attractions in Windsor, it is impossible not to talk about this. Yehudi Menuhin, Ian Hunter, and Laurence West served as the founding artistic directors and executive chairman, respectively, of the Windsor Festival. The Menuhin Festival Orchestra’s participation, along with the use of St. George’s Chapel, the State Apartments of Windsor Castle, and the Theatre Royal, served as the foundation for Ian Hunter’s initial proposal to the Dean of Windsor in 1968.

The Waterloo Chamber, Windsor Castle, St. George’s Hall, and Eton College Chapel are just a few of the locations where daily events take place during the annual Windsor Festival, which takes place every autumn from mid-September to early October. The festival has presented dance performances, talks, orchestral, choral, chamber, and organ concerts every year since it began in 1969. International artists are frequently invited to perform a classical music repertoire.

Along with the event, other educational walking tours and talks are offered. In order to highlight Windsor’s unique status as a Royal town and to encourage the next generation of artistic ability and innovation, the world’s best musicians, writers, artists, and local performers entertain and delight festival audiences each year.

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Culture lovers should also have a look at the Theatre Royal’s diverse schedule. This charming Edwardian performance venue, which is located between Windsor Mansion and the Waterway Thames, is England’s primary year-round, unsubsidized theater delivery venue. Their collection is extensive, ranging from classic mimes and pieces of art to early examples of new works. Location : 32 Thames St, Windsor SL4 1PS, UK

04) Windsor and Royal Borough Museum

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

The Windsor & Royal Borough Museum is a wonderful complement to any itinerary for Windsor and is situated in the charming 17th-century Guildhall on Windsor High Street. The museum’s extensive collection, which focuses on the history of the town and its surroundings, includes objects from the Ice Age all the way up to the present. Highlights include an impressive collection of ancient tools, objects from the Bronze Age, Roman, and Saxon eras, as well as a large number of Victorian-era antiques. 

Opening Times : Wednesday to Sunday – 10.00am – 4.00pm.

05) Eton College

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Eton College is one of the most important attractions in Windsor. In Eton, Berkshire, England, there is a public school called Eton College. It was created in 1440 by Henry VI under the name Kynge’s College of Our Ladye of Eton besyde Windesore. Eton is famous for its illustrious alumni, history, and riches, collectively known as Old Etonians.

Henry Fielding, William Pitt, Percy Shelley, William Gladstone, the Duke of Wellington, and roughly 20 English prime ministers are just a few of the notable alumni of this institution, which is synonymous with English education and the upper levels of British society. The school’s original main building, made of red brick, wraps around two quadrangles.

The school chapel is the most noteworthy aspect. It was finished in 1441, and it has magnificent paintings from the 1470s to 1490s that represent episodes from Mary’s life in addition to antique brass plates. In the center of the quadrangle is a bronze statue of Henry VI, and a path connects Lupton’s Tower to the cloisters, which house the hall and library.

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Small groups and solo visitors are welcome, especially those interested in touring the Eton College Natural History Museum. This fascinating museum, which was established in 1875, houses a variety of stuffed animals, birds, and fossils. Additionally, the school provides a variety of instructional summer programs.

06) Legoland Windsor Resort

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Fun attractions in windsor for fun. Legoland Windsor resort is situated amid 150 acres of parkland, Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY.  This well-liked location, which opened in 1996 and receives over two million visitors each year, is worth spending a day visiting. With rides, interactive play areas, and, most notably, millions of plastic bricks, the attraction caters to the inventiveness and imagination of kids of all ages.

If at all feasible, schedule your trip to coincide with one of the many themed events taking place at this sizable amusement park. Children of all ages enjoy nighttime fireworks displays, Christmas and Halloween celebrations, as well as toddler-specific activities. Another interesting hotel is the one with a medieval theme.

07) Runnymede and Ankerwycke – National Trust – Historic Site

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Another of the region’s most significant heritage sites, Runnymede and Ankerwycke, is situated only 15 minutes’ drive from downtown Windsor. One of the country’s most significant historical documents, the Magna Carta (1215), was signed by the then-King John here. Although it was quickly revoked, this great charter of rights was noteworthy as the first of its kind and continues to be significant as a symbol of liberty in the UK.

Runnymede is not just a significant historical location, but it’s also a stunning green area with beautiful views of the River Thames and the pastoral scenery that England is so well known for. Along with the Magna Carta memorial, this National Trust property’s attractive park-like environment is home to a variety of intriguing outdoor artworks, and new sites of interest that shed light on the site’s historical significance are frequently added.

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

There is also the renowned Ankerwycke Yew. One of the nation’s oldest trees, this 2,500-year-old yew is situated right across the Thames from Runnymede. It’s a short drive, with lots of parking. According to legend, King Henry VIII proposed to Anne Boleyn here. The park is renowned for the diversity of its biodiversity, including birds like green woodpeckers, crimson dragonflies, and wildflowers. Springtime is a particularly pleasant time to go because the area is awash in lovely snowdrop blooms.

08) Dorney Court

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Six miles west of the center of Windsor is where you’ll find Dorney Court. This location is ideal for a fantastic day excursion. a Tudor-style mansion that is around 600 years old and is still standing today. The same family has owned the mansion for its entire existence.

It is undoubtedly a picturesque property, surrounded by rolling parkland and featuring lovely gardens, which is furthered by the presence of the lovely Norman chapel of St. James the Less right next to the manor house. Fine artwork, silks, tapestries, antique furniture, exquisitely carved wood paneling, a 17th-century priest’s cell, a café, and a garden center are just a few of the interior’s highlights. There are excursions available with gardening classes. Check out the neighboring Lake Dorney, a rectangular man-made lake created specifically for rowers to practice their sport, thereafter.

09) Ascot Racecourse

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Among the attractions in Windsor, there is one more thing that causes tourists from all over the world to come to Windsor. Ascot Racecourse is a dual-use British racetrack that hosts thoroughbred horse racing in Ascot, Berkshire, England. It features three Grade 1 Jumps races in addition to 13 of Britain’s 36 yearly Flat Group 1 horse races. The Royal Ascot Cricket Club and Ascot United Football Club both call the racecourse their home. The neighboring Royal Windsor Racecourse, which opened in 1866 and boasts one of only two figure-of-eight courses in the UK, is another worthwhile for travelers to visit.

10) The Savill Garden

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Another beautiful place among attractions in Windsor is The Savill Garden, regarded as one of the nation’s most impressive decorative gardens, is a crucial component of Windsor’s Royal Landscape and is situated on the border of Windsor Castle’s Great Park. It was established in the 1930s and has a large collection of plants in a stunning natural setting. On this 35-acre property, you may enjoy shrubs, alpine meadows, and a formal garden with roses and herbaceous plants, to name a few attractions.

A collection of 60 sculptures that are scattered throughout the site and several calm areas where you may pause and take in the surrounding floral glory are other noteworthy characteristics. For those who are taking children on vacation, there is also a thrilling adventure playground. There are numerous tours offered, some of which include additional Windsor Great Park features. There are numerous food alternatives and picnicking is allowed.

11) Thames Boat Trip

Windsor, England : Top Attractions & Things to Do

Among the attractions in Windsor, a boat ride on the River Thames has a special place. Book a trip on the Thames River. Some wonderful day trips along the Thames are possible from Windsor. In addition to transporting passengers to London, the launches also travel to notable tourist destinations including Kingston-upon-Thames (travel time to London is approximately five hours).

It takes two days to travel through breathtaking scenery to get to Oxford, which is around 70 miles away. Even better, consider hiring a canal boat (or barge) from one of the several businesses that specialize in this great kind of transportation.

Resorts to Stay at Overnight When Visiting Attractions in Windsor

Luxury hotels:

The Macdonald Windsor Hotel

Offers lovely luxury suites, a delectable afternoon tea, plush beds, and an electric vehicle charging point. It is situated directly across from Windsor Castle. This luxurious hotel is located next to Dorney Court. The Oakley Court offers a park-like setting, great rooms with comfortable bathrooms, a fine-dining restaurant with a patio, and a fitness center.

The Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and Spa

Which provides comfortable lodging with river views and is just a two-minute walk from the castle, is another wonderful luxury hotel option. Several distinctive structures that make up a 4-star riverside hotel are gathered around a picturesque cobblestone street beside Eton Bridge. They have a variety of uniquely designed bedrooms here, as well as a contemporary meeting space and the Wren’s Club, which has a gym, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a sauna.

Middle-class Hotels:

The Castle Hotel (Part of the MGallery Collection)

Offers affordable lodging in a charming old Georgian building just steps from Windsor Castle, along with chic furnishings and a sumptuous breakfast. The Castle Hotel Windsor is the ideal location to see everything the Royal Borough has to offer. It is steeped in history, has royal connections, and has tourist options just outside its door.

Crown and Cushion Hotel
It is situated in a handy central location and has cozy rooms, a continental breakfast, and a garden terrace. The inn dates back to the 1600s. Charles House, which has respectable lodging and is close to Eton, is another great alternative. A nice clean accommodation, a comfy bed, a pool, parking, a helpful staff, a convenient location, and a hearty breakfast.

Budget Class Hotels:

The Holiday Inn Express Windsor

A fantastic value is provided by a three-star hotel with modern furnishings, free breakfast, and a nice light-filled lounge. A welcoming hotel with included breakfast near Legoland and Windsor Castle.

The Travelodge Windsor Central Hotel
This hotel is well situated in the heart of the city, adjacent to Alexandra Gardens and the designer shops in Windsor Royal shopping center. For more comfort, their Super Room option is the ideal alternative. Provide hypoallergenic firm or soft cushions, blackout drapes, and mood lighting.

A Lavazza A Modo Mio fresh capsule coffee maker and a Hansgrohe Raindance 3jet adjustable shower are included in each of their Super Rooms. A comfortable king-size bed with four plush pillows and a warm blanket is included in every basic double room. Breakfast and delectable evening meals are served in the on-site restaurant and bar.

Cedar Tree Guest House
The lovely is a great low-cost choice with tidy, comfortable lodgings and friendly owners. A common lounge, non-smoking rooms, and free WiFi are available at Cedar Tree Guest House in Windsor, which is 1.3 kilometers from Windsor Castle. Legoland Windsor is 3.3 miles away, Dorney Lake is 12 km away, and Victoria Barracks is 500 meters away from the site. A communal kitchen and guest luggage storage are provided at the lodging. London Heathrow Airport, which is 19 kilometers from Cedar Tree Guest House, is the closest airport.


01) What are the steps tourists should follow to attend the annual Windsor Festival?

Tickets can be obtained from the admissions office upon arrival at the starting point. You can also book tickets online by visiting Windsor Festival’s Official Web Site.

02) What are the ways to get boats to travel on the River Thames?

Accessing the River Thames is simple. It is reachable by automobile, bus, train, and other waterways and passes through some of the most renowned towns in England. You can reach the riverfront towns by traveling on major routes in the southeast. To get boat services, you also can refer these web site of London riverboat services on the Thames.

03) Does Ascot require a Covid pass?

Each ticket holder over the age of 18 will need to present either a current covid vaccination passport or evidence of a negative lateral flow test performed within 48 hours of arrival in order to enter the Racecourse.

04) Does Legoland Windsor also cater to adults?

Yes. You are more than welcome to visit the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort as a family or with friends because they welcome visitors of all ages.

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