Here is a list of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany and fascinating activities you can do there. Once you embark on a journey to the alluring city of Brandenburg, Germany you will witness a lot of exciting things. Among them are elegant structure, lovely gardens, attractive nature parks and some remains of the terrific Nazi era. Read out ‘Top 10 Sites in Brandenburg Germany’ and successfully plan a happy tour to Brandenburg.

If you want to take a break from the annoying concrete world, visiting Brandenburg will help to satisfy and cool down your body and spirit. There are many untrodden pathways waiting until your arrival in Brandenburg. It is best to travel on foot, bike or by boat to explore the places of extreme beauty in this city.

When you hear the name of Brandenburg, you will also get to know about the Brandenburg Gate. The symbolic gate acquired a special importance in history, during the time Berlin was divided. Want to know more about the monument? Read this article!

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1 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Delve into the Brandenburg capital

The captivating Dutch Quarter in Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace is a famous place, where lot of tourists get attracted to in the capital state of Brandenburg. (we will describe about it in a while)But, the city also has a lot of other attractive and popular tourist sites. In Potsdam there are several significant locations. There is the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin and St Nicholas Church. They were carefully rebuilt after the church was heavily damaged because of World War II bombing. Lindenstrabe memorial site is another important site. It was previously a Nazi prison. After sometime, it was used after by the Statsi and the Russian secret service. The prison manifests the pains and grievances the prisoners went through during the Nazi regime.

You can lavishly enjoy the peaceful air around the gabled and red-brick houses in the Dutch Quarter. The joy is doubled when you make it a point to have some fantastic meals in restaurants nearby.

2 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Feel the unique exquisiteness of Sanssouci Palace and Gardens

The elegant Sanssouci Palace and Gardens

Potsdam is decorated by its own beauty. This palace is also called as Germany’s Versailles. It was constructed as a comfortable summer palace in 1745 for King Frederick the Great of Prussia. The palace is small in size than it’s French cousin palace, but it has the same grandeur and beauty as it’s cousin. The group of buildings consists of the Sanssouci and Neues Palaces. Also, the palace territory includes green parklands which are 600 acres large. a picture gallery, monuments, temples and statues.

Tourists can comfortable spend a day out here and experience the lavishness of alluring rooms, gardens and parks.

3 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Hike in the amorous Spreewald forest

The lush greenery of the Spreewald forest

The Spreewald forest is the perfect destination for loving couples and honeymooners to stay and double their romance. It is a famous location chosen by nature lovers. The Spree river flows down halfway midst Dresden and Berlin. It has created an enchanting collection of moorlands, grasslands and lakes the calm countryside. Tourists can explore the forest on a paddle board or on a wooden barge. If you can spare more time, it is good to reserve an available and comfortable guesthouse or a cottage. Cottages and guesthouses are built amidst the sallows in the water stream.

4 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Relax under palm trees of Tropical Islands

Relaxing Tropical Islands in Krausnick, Germany

You may wonder how a person experiences palm tress, waterfalls and humidity in Brandenburg, Germany. But, surprisingly, one special place in Brandenburg, offers all of them to you. The Tropical Islands Resort was built according to the Balinese themes. After a hour ride south of Berlin, you can find it The indoor pool consists of water slides, several other pools, a lavish spa, lush green bushes and trees, hammocks and an earlier used aircraft hanger. Also, there is accommodation to stay overnight. So, if you feel enough of the acute coldness of the winter days in Brandenburg, this will be the exact spot for you to visit.

5 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Take a calm tour about the KZ Sachsenhausen

Memorable KZ Sachsenhausen

The monuments, memorial remains and internment camps around Europe recall the public about the terrific memories of the Third Reich. Keeping them at public show is done with the intention of emphasizing to the younger generation as to not to repeat the history. The Sachsenhausen concentration camp was used during the Nazi era. Because the camp is located near Berlin (only 40 km South) it was the first camp which was initiated. The camp has served as a training facility for SS personnel. Ironically, the camp was used by the Soviet government to detain Nazi inmates of war.

Tourists can take an educative and eye-opening guided sight tour around the camp.

6 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – See the birth site of German televisions

The appealing Filmpark of Babelsberg

Los Angeles has got Universal Studios. And, what about Potsdam. Yes, Potsdam has proudly got the Babelsberg Studios. This studio ranks among the world’s initially built major film studios. Even today, Hollywood actors use this studio for their production tasks. Examples are, both George Clooney’s ‘the Monuments Man’ and Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’ has been shot in this studio.

Tourists taking guided tours around the studio, will get the opportunity of discovering how films are actually made. Also you can see the technical equipment, show props, German TV shows and costumes used in famous media productions. A tourist also gets the chance of presenting a weather forecast and watch a 4D action cinema.

7 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Traverse in a part of England located within Germany

The illustrious Babelsberg Palace

The Babelsberg Palace is located on the river banks of the Havel River. There is a lot of things in nature to explore there. The grounds of the palace are studded with mosaics and sculptures. Inside the 280 acres palace, you can see Gothic fountains , scenic views of the nearby Tiefer See and Jungfernsee lakes along with a beautifully landscaped garden. The palace built in 1833 is now under renovation, so it is not open for the public. Nevertheless, the tourists can witness the charming Gothic face of the palace from the outside.

8 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Try out birdwatching

Hear the chirping of birds at Lower Oder Valley National Park

The Lower Oder Valley National Par is located beside the Oder river with riverside meadows. The park is on both the Polish and German sides, covering an area of 60 kilometers/37 miles. The magnificent Park is a landing and wintering site for a variety of bird species. And, almost 13,00 cranes arrive at the park. This attracts many enthusiastic photographers and birds lovers every year to the park. If you choose to take the cycling trails and hiking routes to explore the par, you get the chance to see beavers, otters and even eagles in the park.

9 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Tower above the remains of the Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital

The spooky remains of the abandoned Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital

The Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital was once a famous treatment clinic for pulmonary diseases. During both World War I and II it was utilized as a military hospital. It is said, this prestigious hospital also saved the lives of Erich Honecker and Adolf Hitler. The old abandoned hospital complex has attracted curious travelers and photographers for years. Unfortunately, as a considerable number of vandalism acts were reported , the government halted visits at night for tourists. From 2015, the hospital is legally open for visitors. Tourists can visit the site by booking photo tours to explore the significant hospital interior or by following a canopy walk.

10 of top 10 sites in Brandenburg Germany – Wander around Barnim Nature Park

The soothing environment of the Barnim Nature Park

Located in the north side of Berlin, the Barnim Nature Park covers an area of 750 square kilometers(75,000 hectares). If you are tired of the buzzing noises and flashing light of the city, this would be the perfect place to take a rest from them. You can reconnect with nature, by visiting this place. Normally a day trip is taken by tourists either from berlin or Potsdam to explore this park. There are stunning lakes, moorlands, beechwood forests and pastures within the park.

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