Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin - Have a Dazzling Tour

Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin – Have a Dazzling Tour!

Visit the Reichstag Dome

This article, ‘Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin – Have a Dazzling Tour!’, sheds some light towards an appealing and famous tourist attraction in Berlin. Berlin is a popular and favorite tourist destination among many tourists worldwide. It’s a city you can visit multiple times without feeling uninterested. Tourists enjoy the artistic, realistic and trendy feeling that is intertwined with this place. The night is fantastic under the Reichstag sky with colorful lights. It is pleasing to delve deep into the history of this structure, which is sometimes grey and sorrowful.

Tourists sometimes miss to visit the popular tourist attraction of Reichstag, though they visit Berlin several times. Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin, is the parliament building of German.

Did the introduction to our article make you want to visit the Reichstag? Do not rush. Read the rest of the article to know more about this amazing building. If you are bothered about bookings and registrations to visit the site, head over to this article to clear your doubts.

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Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin – Why visit it?

The Reichstag’s eye-catching glass dome roof, which offers the visitors a full 360 degree scene of the Berlin city is the most attractive place in the site. The view from the dome is so spectacular as the city of Berlin is seen very picturesquely from it. First, there is a security checkpoint at the entrance. Afterwards an elevator will carry you to the dome. Tourists walk up a spiral staircase until they reach the topmost part of the building. The top is an absolutely beautiful location. You can see the city when you look down, from any angle. There is a descriptive audio guide which plays and makes you enlightened about the important points throughout your way.

This building is so elegant and awesome. Tourists who have been to almost every site in Berlin would undoubtedly highly recommend others to visit this place during their tour. They would unanimously name Reichstag as, ‘Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin.

Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin – Some interesting facts

The Reichstag’s amazing and melancholic history

The transparent dome of Reichstag stands upon a long and sullen history. It was opened first in 1894. Since then, it was subjected to bombings, burn downs, and disarrays. The Reichstag, located bordering the Berlin wall was even disused at a certain period. Eventually, the building was renovated and proclaimed German parliament in the late 1990s.

The dome’s transparency for democracy

The significance of the Reichstag is that, every part of the building’s architecture is designed and chosen deliberately. Once you take a tour up to the top, you can see all the important sites of Berlin. Not only that, the topmost view offers a view of the main hall of the parliament also. What do you think it implies? Amazingly it demonstrates the notion that the public are constantly standing above the government. And, also it means that democracy should be transparent, but contrastingly it was not that clear during the Nazi regime.

The Reichstag was not the seat of the Nazi parliament

A fire occurred at the Reichstag in February 1993. That incident was an important part in the establishment of the Nazi in Germany. It was one month after Hitler’s sworn in as chancellor this fire broke out in the Reichstag. The Nazis wittily accused their adversaries of being the culprits of the crime. That was on to the Communist party of Germany. The Nazi’s also passes an emergency decree. It suppressed the civil liberties and rights of the communities. Finally it led to send the communists to prison.

The fire put the Reichstag building to a unusable state. But, the parliament convened during that period in a different location. It was convened at the Opera House nearby.

The meeting took place nearly a month after the fire too place. During this meeting, the ministers of Parliament voted in favor of Hitler allowing him to construct his own rules. Sadly, this lead to years of cruelness and a prolonged terrific line of events.

The Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin becomes an icon of renewable energy

Taking the article to a positive side, I would say that the dome of the Reichstag symbolizes the commitment made by the German government to use renewable energy to fulfill most of the country’s energy needs. A large sun-shield is situated at the building. It electronically keeps track of the movements of the sun while blocking or allowing direct sunlight into the Reichstag. So, the interior of the building kept warm in winter. Also, in summer the sun rays are blocked, so that the inside feels cool without the help of air conditioners.

Additionally, there is a mirror core inside the building. It attracts sunlight into the building, so that fewer artificial lightings are needed. The core reflects the chamber’s lights at night to light up the outside of the building naturally. The dome does another job. It helps to ventilate the building by pushing up hot air. It also recycles the energy released by the extracted air.

Apple designer’s friend designed the dome

The dome of ‘ Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin’ was designed by the architect named Norman Foster. His previous works include the design of the popular ‘gherkin’ building in London. Norman has also worked with Steve Jobs to design the Apple Park, which is the new headquarters of Apple. The commonality between both those structures is that they both consist of fine and huge glass work. The Reichstag also feature a huge amount of intricate glasswork.

Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin – Things you should be aware of before visiting

Do I need to purchase a ticket?

” The best things in life are free. Sunsets and sunrises are free. Air is free. Love is free. Death is free. The best things in life are free. ”

Frederick Lenz

So, there is another best thing in life which is completely free. Any guesses? Yes, a visit to the “Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin” won’t cost you dollars or cents!

Remember to make a booking before you start the tour to Berlin

There is a reason why many visitors visit Berlin, but they miss out seeing the ‘Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin’. You have to pre-book, especially at crowded times of the year, to see this extravagant architectural structure. sometimes you may have to book even a week or two before your visit to Berlin. Most tourists take this lightly and wait till the last moment to make their booking. For this reason, they miss the opportunity to visit the building.

So, if your intention is to go on a trip to Berlin, wisely book your tickets. Here is the link to book your tickets to visit ‘Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin’. (I have provided this same link in the first part of this article also. ) In the process of registration, you have to feed in the names and birthdates of all the visitors taking part in the sightseeing tour to Reichstag.

A photo ID is required to enter the premises

When visiting the Reichstag, be sure to bring photo ID. Alternatives like driving licenses, passports are valid. Some tourists use their UK or Australian licenses which are perfectly ok.

Another important point to consider is that they do not allow to carry drink bottles to the dome. Don’t be worried. There is a friendly staff who will look after your belongings. You can collect them after going down the stairs from the top of the dome.

How do I visit the Reichstag Top 1 Tourist Destination of Berlin ?

There are three options you can opt to, when visiting the Reichstag.

  • You can take a guided tour around Reichstag
  • You can listen to a plenary session in German to get well educated about the landmark
  • You can climb up the dome and the roof to examine the spectacular view

The Reichstag is open to public daily from 8.00 a.m. to 12 midnight. Tourists are admitted only up until 10.00 p.m. They accept bookings from visitors until two hours before to the visitor’s preferred visiting time.

Can I get to the Reichstag by public transport?

Yes, you can. The Reichstag situated closer to the Hauptbahnhof, which is the main railway station of Berlin. The number 100 bus also stops at Reichstag. This bus route offers the travelers a charming sightseeing opportunity along its journey from the Zoo Station and the Alexanderplatz. Bundestag is the closest U-Bahn station to the Reichstag. It is midst the Berlin’s shortest U-Bahn track.

Tour away to Reichstag, Berlin for your next vacay !