10 Activities to Do in Cologne - These are Super Awesome!

10 Activities to Do in Cologne – These are Super Awesome!

This article writes to you about 10 Activities to Do in Cologne. There is a heaven of super joyful and exciting things to explore in Cologne.

Aligned to the western borders of Germany, there lays a perfect city named Cologne. The city is always fresh with an energetic vibe and looks attractive in many aspects. Tourists have a long list of activities to enjoy doing in this city. I bet, any tourist to the city will not leave the city without trying even a couple of them.

This city is a city with a lot of diversity. It is one among the largest cities in Germany. Famous tourist attractions in the city include the Cologne Cathedral, the very famous museums and the elegant Belgian Quarter. each visitor to the city will find something uniquely beautiful for them.

It is very easy to fall in love with Cologne, which is the fourth most populous city in Germany. The city has nearly 30 museums and many other galleries. The city has a history of nearly 2000 years. It is a city which has many pubs in Germany. Cologne invites tourists to see it’s brand new riverside city and the celebrated cathedral. The city is very tourism-friendly with lots and lots of restaurants and hotels. The Rhine River flows charismatically across the city of Cologne.

Any history lovers? There are several world class museums in Cologne, Germany which you would love to probe into. Read the article on this link. to learn what they are, and what they consists of.

(Cologne Germany is a lovely city to land and explore. Same is the city of Cumbria in England. We won’t covering up on Cumbria in this article. Find more information about Cumbria by clicking here.)

So, without further waiting, let’s see what are the best 10 Activities to Do in Cologne, Germany. But, before that I will answer some of the questions you are wondering about. The article will be a complete guide to you, when planning your trip to Cologne, Germany.

How to get to Cologne, Germany?

This plus point here is that, Germany is a well-connected city, which means it is transport-friendly I bet. You can easily access Cologne by any transportation method as by automobile, plane or even by a horse or carriage. Let’s see how you can get to the city by each transportation method.

By Train: You can take the train via Brussels from London. It takes around 6 hours to travel to Cologne by the train. In the middle (in Brussels) you will encounter an epic 2 hour transfer. During this transfer, you can buy a quick waffle and see the Grand Palace, before leaving Cologne by train.

Tourists also can visit Cologne through the railway networks available across Europe.

By plane: Hooray! Cologne has got it’s own airport. It costs only a short taxi ride from the airport to the city center. It is one of Euro Wings hub airports. It means there is a variety of flight choices.

By River cruise/boat: Cologne lies within the shores of River Rhine. So, it means you can arrive at the city via regional boats or river cruise.

As I said before, Cologne is a well-connected city with it’s efficient circuit of buses and trams. It won’t be difficult to navigate the city. Trams operate every few minutes. There is also the Cologne Card. With the card, you can use public transport in the city for free. (The card also offers discounts when purchasing goods from certain stores in the city.)

Where do I stay in Cologne, Germany?

Another good news! Cologne is home to a number of trendy, cozy and super cool places to rest during your visit. To be honest, you will definitely choose one of them to stay overnight as the city is so tempting to explore. The “Ameron Hotel Regent” is a popular place of accommodation among tourists. It is about 10 minutes on tram from the Belgian Quarter. You can always have snacks and dinner from some really cool restaurants available nearby.

You can find places to stay in Cologne via Airbnb also. In Cologne, there are really comfortable apartments, which will provide you with the most satisfying services during your stay.

Having cleared all your questions, let’s now see what activities are the best to do in Cologne, Germany.

1 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Climb over the steps to the Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. You have to climb nearly 500 steps to reach the cathedral. The climb may be steep, but it’s worth of trying!

Remember to carry a bottle of water and wear a comfortable pair of shoes while traversing the city. So you won’t miss the perfect scenes because of fatigue.

2 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – of 10 things to do in Cologne – Party and party in the Belgian Quarter

The Belgian district is a place you can have lots of fun. There is an array of extravagant and modern restaurants and bars in the Belgian district, They offer you with the most lavish and delicious meals and snacks. You can have a perfect evening in the Belgian district, tasting your favorite dish with a sip of coffee.

3 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Explore the first-class museums

Annually, Cologne hosts the fantastic and fascinating museum nights. It’s a very cool festival. You can enjoy exploring museums while partying in the middle of the night. The museum night is filled with a lot of bubbles, crowds of people and musical DJs. It is a very interesting place to be and enjoy. The museum night takes place once a year in Cologne, Germany.

If you want to find out the date of the next museum night, check it on the Tourism Cologne website. Without a doubt, visiting Museum Night is one of the coolest things to do in Cologne, Germany.

4 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne -Guzzle at the Chocolate museum

Excuse your imaginations! There are members of staff patrolling around the museum. So, stop dreaming of gorging at the museum for free. But, no! The staff is very cool. They typically carry bags filled with chocolates in their hands. When you ask them a few questions, they will say hello to you. And, most importantly they will offer you two chocolate bars or one!

5 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Visit Picturesque Cologne Churches

There are many beautiful churches you would love to visit in Cologne, Germany. Among them The St. Martins church is renowned for its splendidly beautiful architecture. So, don’t forget to pay a visit to St. Martins church.

6 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Trudge over the Hohenzollern Bridge

Walking across the River Rhine through Hohenzollern bridge brings you a wow view of the Cologne city. Most tourists have fallen love with this scenic view of the city. You can sit nearby and see the vibrant and picturesque sunset in the city of Cologne, Germany.

7 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Stuff yourself with kolsche cuisine

Fruh am Dom is a place at Cologne, which offers traditional kolsche cuisine. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy a delicious kolsche dish. You can experience delicious food and Kolsh beer while sitting back in a relaxed environment there.

8 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Traverse the historic old town

Cologne in Germany accounts for a history starting all the way from the Roman period. So, this means the city consists of a large collection of varied architectural styles for one to explore. A person who is interested about the Cologne history should definitely visit the old town. There are quaint shops, colorful houses and cobblestone made streets. These are remains coming from many centuries ago.

9 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Stop by the newborn district of Cologne

Rheinauhafen is one of the lately emerged districts of Cologne. You can discover many trendy and cool buildings and structures here, which are called as the Crane Houses. The area was once a busy port area. It has been now transformed into a beautiful district with pretty awesome buildings. The district is very attractive in the evenings with the sunset. You can witness beautiful scenes while being in this district.

10 of 10 Activities to Do in Cologne – Observe the glorious sunset 103m above Cologne

The newly built Koln Triangle offers you the best views of Cologne. Spend a few Euro for the lift, and it will take you to the 103 meter height top of the building. You can view the whole epic Cologne city from there. In the evening, the view are more colorful and vibrant. You can watch the city as well as the beautiful Cologne Cathedral. The Cathedral will sparkle orange hues which is so photogenic.