The article features 10 top attractions in Bremen Germany and things to get immersed in during your trip. Bremen is popularly known as the “Free Hanseatic City of Bremen” by tourists. It is positioned near the Germany’s lower Weser River. Most importantly, Bremen is one among the biggest seaports in Germany. Bremen is also named as the center of seaborne trade. The port in the land of Bremen is very remarkable in many aspects.

There is another port called Bremerhaven, situated about 60 kilometers north of Bremen. That is located in the place where The river Weser flows into the North Sea. Both of them are popular sites among tourists. Visitors embark on river cruises and sightseeing boat rides from them. Moreover, Bremen is a well known cultural center. There are a number of interesting things for tourists to do in Bremen.

Among the cultural events happening in the city, the funfair is significant. This is the biggest funfair in Germany and, has been taking place since 1036. You also can sit and enjoy the International Youth Symphony Orchestra of Bremen, in the middle of your trip to in Bremen. Walking down the historic Old town of Alstadt also would be a nice experience. Also, you can stroll up and down through the fantastic parks and green areas in Bremen.

Read the article and plan your trip ahead to the beautiful city of Bremen in Germany. Don’t miss out to visit the following 10 top attractions in Bremen Germany during your tour.

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1 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – Tour about Bremen’s Historic Marktplatz

Bremen’s Bremer Roland statue and it’s captivating exterior

If you want to get to know about how a German town or city looks like, I would recommend that you visit the old marketplace, or Marktplatz. It is situated in the old town, which is in the heart of Bremen. Here, there are many sites for tourists to visit. The fascinating old Town Hall also called as the Bremer Rathaus is one among them. This is a significant building with mixed Renaissance and Gothic designs. Another equally famous structure is the statue of Germany’s well famous knight Roland, which is five and a half meter tall. It was erected in 1401 and remains as a mark of city’s independence from the church.

2 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – Feel the goodness of a German Christmas Market

Christmas Market-Bremer

The popular Christmas Market is held in the Marketplatz during winter. The festivity of the place takes place during the entire month of December. The market is popular among romantic couples and the place looks festive especially at night with colorful lights. The city’s famous Free Fair (Freimarkt), which dates back up to 1000 years is also held in the marketplace. The two week long event attracts over four million visitors a year, which ends in a colorful parade. The museum of Geschichtenhaus is located nearby. The “living history” museum uses costumed characters, to depict the interesting stories of the city from the 17th to 20th centuries.

3 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – Take a trip around the Bremen Town Hall

Town Hall of Bremen

The Bremer Rathaus or the Bremen Town Hall is situated in Bremen’s Martplatz. It was built in 1410, following the Gothic style. The town hall is famous for its elegant Renaissance façade added in 1612, and it is now declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building proudly has the most exquisite reception halls and banquets in Germany. There is an attractive painting of the ‘Judgment of Solomon’ coming from 1537 which is 40 meters in length,13 meters wide, and eight meters high. Another striking feature is the elegantly carved spiral staircase. There are some other significant places. They are the regular free concerts held at the town hall and the character sculptures of the ‘Bremen Town Musicians’.

4 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – Walk past the Bremen’s Medieval Schnoor Quarter

Elegant and alluring Schnoor Quarter

The pleasant district of Schnoor is named after the traditional rope-making industry that existed there earlier. The Schnoor district was once the poorest part in Bremen, and is recorded as the oldest part of Bremen. Currently, Schnoor is home to many artists and creations. Tourists can explore the well-preserved 15th to 18th century built residences in the city. The Shipper’s House is a featured place among the many café and craft shops in Bremen, which is now a private museum. Also it is a nice experience to visit the fascinating Landherrnamt which was once the home of the state government. This building is noted for it’s preserved Romanesque façade.

5 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany -stop by the charming Cathedral of St. Peter

Charming St. Peter’s Cathedral

St. Petri Dom (as called by locals) or the Cathedral of St. Peter in Bremen was initially constructed during the 11th century. Additions were made later during the 13th and 16th centuries to the cathedral. The 98 meter twin towers were added in 1898. The elegant Baroque pulpit was presented by Sweden’s Queen Christina during the 17th century. Tourists should not fail to visit the fascinating Cathedral Museum. It is situated in the Lead Cellar. Here, tourists get the opportunity of seeing eight mummies. They are the remains of medieval archbishops along with some items related to their tombs.

A admission fee is charged at the entrance of the cathedral’s tower, but it’s surely worth paying the amount and having a visit.

6 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – stride through the picturesque Böttcherstrasse


Bottcherstrasse was converted to a lane of museums during 1926-31 and, is now one of Bremen’s popular tourist attractions. The street is only 100 meters long. But, the extraordinary expressive architecture of the buildings makes it a joyful experience to explore Bottcherstrasse. Tourists do not ignore and walk past the attractive gold sculpture located above the archway gate. (also known as the light bringer) It is found just above the archway entrance. If you are taking a tour, make sure that you pay visits to some of the unique galleries and shops in the street.

The fabulous Paula Becker Modersohn Museum is another significant site to explore. It is the world’s first gallery which exclusively features the art of a single woman. Ludwig Roselius Museum is another museum situated here. This museum contains low German art featuring from the Gothic period to Baroque.

7 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – The fascinating Schlachte

The fascinating Schlachte

Schlachte is another attractive district a tourist need to visit in Bremen. This beautiful town follows the east bank of River Weser and dates back to the 13th century. The wooden piles inserted as a support to the riverbank, influenced in giving the name to the city. At the beginning this was the city’s original harbor. However, later with the alterations happened in the shipping industry, it was not used much.

One of the best experiences you can get in Bremen is to roam in the promenade at night or stop in at one of the cafes or restaurants in Schlachte. You can also enjoy watching the historic vessels docked there, which are now transformed to hotels.

8 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – Interesting Kunsthalle Bremen Museum

Amusing Kunsthalle Bremen Musuem

Kunsthalle is situated in the middle of Bremen’s Old Town. This museum was opened in 1849. It has many 17th century Dutch paintings and, 13th century German paintings. Also, the museum features a collection of French and Dutch artwork of the 19th and 20th centuries. More than 220,000 artwork are featured in Kunsthalle. This proudly owns one of the biggest artwork collections found in Europe. Kunsthalle also makes room for a collection of works in modern media and beautiful sculptures.

9 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – The flamboyant Rhododendron-Park and Mühle am Wall

Flamboyant Rhododendron Park

The Rhododendron Park which is 114 acre large was established in 1933. As the name implies, the park is famous for it’s large collection of rhododendrons and azaleas. It is a gorgeous place to pay a visit if you are a nature lover. Inside the par, there is the Bremen Botanical Garden created in 1905. This is home to almost 1000 native plant species.

10 of 10 Top Attractions in Bremen Germany – Universum Bremen

Universum Bremen

This was added to the list of top attractions newly. It’s architectural structure looks like a half open clam. The first-rate science center consists of about 300 interesting exhibits about the earth, cosmology and the human history.

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