If you have an idea to visit Scottsdale, we’ll tell you the most attractive places in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as the most interesting things you can do in there. There are many places you can visit in Scottsdale. You can go to Taliesin West. It is a school of architecture and used to be the winter home of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You can spend some time there while learning about his legacy.

You can also stop in at some of the museums and galleries and the Old Town Scottsdale and learn about the area. As well as there are dozens of outdoor activities you can do like wandering the trails in the McDowell Sonoran Desert Preserve.  Then, let’s start our tour of Prescott.

1. Taliesin West

11 Top attractive places in Scottsdale, Arizona

Taliesin West is the first place we choose out of the most attractive places in Scottsdale. It is the School of Architecture at Taliesin West. Taliesin West used to be the winter home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Now it uses as the headquarters of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation as well. If you visit this working architecture school in the winter season, you can see students hard at work on their drafting tables.

Students move between Taliesin West in Scottsdale and Taliesin in Wisconsin and as a result, students spend summers in the north and winters in the south. They have been doing this transition for decades. Guides are required if you wish to see the property, however, they are passionate about sharing the site’s history and offer amazing insight without being overly technical. The tours are conducted both indoors and outside.

2. Old Town

11 Top attractive places in Scottsdale, Arizona

Old Town Scottsdale, a lively and fun area is one of the most attractive places in Scottsdale. It’s the perfect location to relax in the afternoon or evening. There are many western-themed buildings, interesting shops, and galleries. You can buy Mexican blankets, clothing, and trinkets to Native American art, jewelry, and crafts from there. If you visit galleries you will see works of world-famous artists.

Old Town Scottsdale has great restaurants that feature cozy outdoor patios. The center of Old Town is located at the intersection of North Scottsdale Road and East Main Street. You can easily visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the famous LOVE sculpture, Civic Center Mall, and restaurants. Old Town hosts many events. If you visit there on Thursday nights, you can join Scottsdale Artwalk, the event where Old Town galleries host an open house for the Public.

3. Golf Courses

11 Top attractive places in Scottsdale, Arizona

If you like to play golf, Scottsdale will be a great place to spend your vacation. Many golfers visit there, especially in the winter months. The city offers a multitude of spectacular courses that suit your budget and skills. Troon North and TPC Scottsdale are popular among them. Troon North features two golf courses. They are designed by Tom Weiskopf. You have the opportunity to play golf beautifully set within the desert landscape. 

If you visit Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North provides,  they will provide special rates and free shuttles. TPC Scottsdale offers average players the chance to play where golf’s masters have once played. It is the only PGA Tour property in the city as well. TPA offers two courses. They are The Stadium and The Champions. The Stadium course is designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish. The Champions cause is designed by Randy Heckenkemper.

4. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

If you like to get an amazing look at desert life, you should visit the Desert Botanical Garden. It is located near Old Town Scottsdale. You can see not only plants but also hummingbirds whizzing past, butterflies flitting about, an assortment of birds running and flying about, and woodpeckers landing on the saguaros.

The gardens represent the different deserts of the Southwestern USA and some of them are the Sonoran Desert, the Great Basin Desert, the Chihuahuan Desert, and the Mojave Desert. Some individual areas have been made according to themes. Each area has informative plaques and you can easily point out what to look for and identify important elements.

5. Museum of the West

Museum of the West

Scottsdale’s Museum of the West is located at right in downtown Scottsdale not far from Old Town. It is a very modern and beautiful building. If you like to learn about the history and culture of 19 western states,  Scottsdale’s Museum of the West is an ideal place for it. You can also learn about the several Mexican states and bordering Canadian provinces as well. You can find two floors of art, interesting themed displays, cultural items, and memorabilia inside the museum. The museum is popular among tourists because it collects cowboy movie posters and Hopi pottery as well.

6. Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak park is a popular hiking area in Scottsdale. You can see the green fairways of Troon North Golf Club and other amazing views out over northern Scottsdale from the top of Pinnacle Peak. The 1.75-mile one-way trail will bring you there. The elevation of Pinnacle Peak is 1,300 feet. The views start at about one-third of the way up to Pinnacle Peak. Therefore you don’t have to do the full hike to see amazing views. You can turn around whenever you want.

There is a visitors center at the base of the trail. There is a helpful staff to assist you. They provide ramadas, picnic tables, and washrooms.  There are informational plaques along the trail and throughout the park. There is a 90-space parking lot and it fills up quickly each morning. But you have a chance to park your vehicle in the street as well.

7. McDowell Sonoran Preserve

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

McDowell Sonoran Preserve, an area that covers 30,000 acres is one of the most attractive places in Scottsdale. The Preserve is open every day from morning to sunset. It features trails suitable for walking, biking, hiking, or equestrian options. Tom’s Thumb is a top hike that provides amazing views out over the surrounding area. Lost Dog Wash Trailhead trails provide views out to the south. All of the trails are well-marked and volunteers are available to answer your questions at each trailhead. You can get detailed maps as well. Washroom facilities are available at each trailhead. 

8. Civic Center Mall

Civic Center Mall

The Scottsdale Civic Center is located in the heart of downtown and connected to Old Town. It offers many places to enjoy your time like rose gardens, water features with ducks, a wonderful open-air green space, and sitting areas. You will also find some interesting public art like the iconic LOVE sculpture by the late artist Robert Indiana. The Scottsdale Civic Center is home to a few cultural institutions like the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. You have the opportunity to watch live performances at the Scottsdale Mall Amphitheater, located north of the main square.

9. McCormick-Stillman


McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is an ideal place for a family outing. There is an open-air mini-train. It runs on a track around the park according to a regular schedule. 1950s carousel built by Allan Herschell is another highlight of this park. There is a large 10,000-square-foot model railway building. It allows visitors to make the trains move along the tracks by pushing buttons. There is a Railway Museum that displays rail cars and an old steam engine. It also has grassy areas, a few playgrounds, picnic tables, and large trees providing shade. You will have to pay a modest fee to enter the Railway Museum and ride the train and carousel, even though admission to the park is free.

10. Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland in northern Scottsdale is one of the most attractive places in Scottsdale. You can visit there on cool winter days or for an escape from the summer heat. There is a colorful assortment of butterflies inside Wonderland. It also displays honey bees hard at work, rainforest reptiles, arthropods, and edible insects. It has a 3D theater that shows a fun film on insects.

11. Museum of Contemporary Art

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, known by the acronym of SMoCA is located at Old Town in the Civic Center Mall area. It has four galleries and they are full of design, art, and architecture. In addition to galleries, there is a constant stream of traveling and local exhibits. The museum hosts some events and sometimes, visitors allowed to bring their dogs to the event.

Those are the most attractive places in Scottsdale,  Arizona. If you plan to tour Scottsdale, don’t forget to visit these places. You will be able to get an amazing experience in Scottsdale.

Hotels to stay in Scottsdale

If you visit Scottsdale, you can stay in the below highly rated hotels. They are close to the most attractive places in Scottsdale.

Luxury Hotels

  • Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North: Perfect for playing golf at Troon North Golf Course, where guests get preferential access.
  • The Phoenician: A luxury collection resort, Glorious pools on tiers that look out to the mountains and desert, modern and luxurious rooms, outstanding service
  • Hotel Valley Ho: located in the center of Scottsdale, easily walk to Old Town Scottsdale, smartly designed rooms and suites (some with full kitchens)

Mid-Range Hotels

Budget Hotels

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Frequently Asked Questions 

For what is Scottsdale famed?

Scottsdale is referred to be “The World’s Greatest Golf Destination,” and it is simple to understand why when you take into account the city’s variety of luxurious hotels, 330 days of sunshine each year, and the world’s best courses like TPC Scottsdale, Troon North, and Grayhawk.

Does Scottsdale have a party life?

Everyone may find something to enjoy in Old Town Scottsdale’s nightlife. Old Town Scottsdale provides everything you’re looking for, whether you’re celebrating a special event, going out for a few drinks with friends, looking for live entertainment, or looking for the ultimate VIP experience.

What is Scottsdale’s most well-known street?

Since the beginning, when fashion shows used to parade down the middle of the street, Scottsdale’s iconic Fifth Avenue has been a must-see. Nowadays, Fifth Avenue is home to designer boutiques, stores selling Native American jewelry, kitschy souvenir shops, and some of the top restaurants in the city.

Is Scottsdale a better destination than Phoenix?

Scottsdale is much safer, a lot of people would say. Well first of all, Phoenix is far more expansive than Scottsdale. Naturally, as the population of this community grows, so do crime rates. Though suburban areas typically have lower crime rates than urban areas, it is also less suburban than Scottsdale.

Why is Scottsdale, Arizona, so popular?

One of the most popular areas to live and work in the United States is Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s understandable why people would want to visit this oasis in the desert with its pleasant climate, fantastic golf courses, and luxurious resorts.

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