If you have an idea to visit Tombstone, one of Arizona’s most beautiful destinations, we’ll tell you the most attractive places in Tombstone, as well as the most interesting things you can do in there.

1. OK Corral

attractive places in Tombstone

The OK Corral is one of the most attractive places in Tombstone. This was the location of the historic Old West shootout between the Earp and Clanton gangs in 1881. If you visit there, you will see life-size replicas of the nine gunfighters standing on the spots where they began the gunfight. Also, the setting remains the same as it was in 1881. A gunfight reenactment takes place daily inside the OK Corral. It is completed with the gun smoke in the air and the sounds of pistols firing. This gunfight reenactment is not the only thing you can see. You can tour the stables and C.S. Fly’s Photo Gallery as well. Further, your ticket gets you admission to the Tombstone Epitaph and Historama.

2. Allen Street

attractive places in Tombstone

Allen Street is the main street through Tombstone. Many of the major attractions are located along Allen Street. Restaurants, shops, and famous old saloons are also located there. This area is a scene of occasional historical re-enactments. Performers put on staged gunfights on Allen Street. Actors roam the street wearing western costumes is a common view in this area. You can find the famous O.K. Corral at a corner on Allen Street.

3. Boothill Graveyard

attractive places in Tombstone

Boothill Graveyard is one of the most attractive places in Tombstone. This is the area where the final resting place for all of the town’s hanging, shootout, and lynching victims is. It was founded in 1878. There are 276 graves here and most of them are unmarked. The reason is few people at the time carried identification and others were only known by their nicknames. The graveyard was restored and repainted in recent years to give a much less authentic feel.

3. Tombstone Courthouse

Tombstone Courthouse

The Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park was built in 1882. In 1929, the courthouse was abandoned. The reason for abandoning is the county seat moving to Bisbee. The courthouse homed the sheriff,  the board of supervisors, the treasurer, the recorder, and with a jail. Now it houses one of the best museums in Tombstone. If you like to learn about all kinds of information on the lives of local citizens from the early-18th century and the late-19th. You will be able to see antiques and artifacts inside the museum. A replica of the gallows where criminals were publicly hanged is outside in the courtyard.

5. Bird Cage Theatre

Bird Cage Theatre

The Bird Cage Theatre was built in 1881. It has never closed during its eight years. The Bird Cage consists of a theater, dance hall, saloon, and brothel. It is said to have 140 bullet holes in the ceiling and the wall. If you visit there, you will see the Original fixtures and furnishings. As well as, the hand-painted stage and orchestra pit is still in their original condition. The stage features photos and stories of the many entertainers that performed. Some rooms located below the building, which were sealed off since 1889, have been opened to the public. They remain as they were found in recent days. Many people also think that the structure is haunted, and a popular activity there that is offered in the early evening is a ghost tour.

6. Good Enough Mine Tour

Good Enough Mine Tour

Whenever you go to Tombstone, you will see many things that indicate the rough and tumble history of this area. If you want to learn about the mining history, we recommend taking a Good Enough Mine Tour. Goodenough Mine used to be a major silver producer in Tombstone. It began operation in 1879. Now, you have the opportunity to take an underground tour and learn about many things like stories about the miners and the workings of the mine. The tour takes around 45 minutes. It involves a few sets of stairs as well.

7. Rose Tree Museum

Rose Tree Museum

The Rose Tree Museum, one of the most attractive places in Tombstone is opened in the 1960s. You can learn about the history of the families who have called Tombstone home for generations by visiting the Rose Tree Museum. Further, you will be able to see the World’s Largest Rose Tree in the backyard. You can also see double white flowers between the period of mid-March and mid-May when it’s in bloom. This area is a great spot to escape the heat of Tombstone. The museum will let you know the spots to which you’ll have unlimited access.

8. Tombstone Epitaph

Tombstone Epitaph

The Tombstone “Epitaph” was the local newspaper of the day. It covered the stories that today comprise Tombstone’s history. The paper was founded in 1880 by John Philip Clum. The incident of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral was published as one of the first big stories. The newspaper still publishes regularly as if it were back in the past days. Therefore it is the oldest continuously published newspaper in America. It is portraying the history of the Old West. It is designed to be entertaining as well. The Epitaph Museum is one of the most attractive places in Tombstone and it’s free. The museum displays the original press. If you visit there, you will printing techniques of the 1880s as well.

9. Western Theme Park

Western Theme Park

If you visit to Old Tombstone Western Theme Park, you will take on the gunfight at the OK Corral. The act is not so serious take on what happened and it is funny. The Old Tombstone Western Theme Park is an ideal place for a family outing. Some of the highlights in this park are a Shooting’ Gallery, a train museum, the 17-hole miniature golf course, an opportunity to pan for gold, and a jailhouse. You can also book in advance with a ticket to the Gunfight Show at the Western Theme Park.

10. Tombstone’s Historama

Tombstone's Historama

Tombstone’s Historama is the best place to learn about the history of Tombstone. As well as you can hear some of the stories behind the characters that lived in Tombstone. This place also helped create the myths and legends that surround the town. This 30-minute video presentation gives tourists a better understanding of the Old West. The show runs on the hour as well. If you get Admission to the Historama, you don’t have to get admission to the OK Corral.

Those are the most attractive places in Tombstone,  Arizona. If you plan to tour Tombstone, don’t forget to visit these places. You will be able to get an amazing experience in Tombstone.

Hotels to stay in Tombstone

If you visit Tombstone, you can stay in the below highly-rated hotels. They are close to the most attractive places in Tombstone.

  • Tombstone Monument Ranch: A couple of miles west of town, the 18 Western-themed rooms, a pool and hot tub, an on-site restaurant, horseback riding, evening entertainment
  • Landmark Lookout Lodge: A five-minute drive from Tombstone, comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a cooked-to-order breakfast
  • Larian Motel: A good budget choice, offers affordable rates, a great location, rooms with an Old West theme
  • Tombstone Sagebrush Inn: Allows dogs dog, features rustic d├ęcor, comfortable beds, small outdoor sitting areas in front of the units

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the fame of the town of Tombstone?

The majority of its current income comes from tourism. It is well known as the location of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Moreover, it is home to Arizona’s top-rated brewery. On Goose Flats, a mesa above the Goodenough Mine, the city was founded.

Is a trip to Tombstone worthwhile?

Tombstone, Arizona, is worth seeing, especially if you like the Old West. It’s worth a day trip to see this tribute to gunslingers.

How long should one spend in Tombstone?

I advise spending at least a full day of fun and excitement in Tombstone, depending on your interests in the history of the American West. It’s enjoyable to stay a night or two in one of Tombstone’s first-rate hotels.

How warm is Tombstone on average?

The yearly average low and high temperatures in Tombstone are 49.6 degrees and 78.5 degrees, accordingly. June has an average temperature of 94.7 degrees, while January has an average temperature of 33.6 degrees.

Is Tombstone a good city to live in?

Residents in Tombstone enjoy a suburban and rural mix, and the majority own their homes. There are numerous bars and restaurants in Tombstone. In Tombstone, there are a lot of elders and a conservative population. Tombstone’s public schools perform above average.

The town of Tombstone was founded for what purpose?

It didn’t take long for the area to attract homesteaders, cowboys, speculators, prospectors, lawyers, businesspeople, and armed men. In 1879, a town site near the mines, then known as Goose Flats, was established and given the name Tombstone as a result of Ed Schiefflelin’s first successful silver mining claim.

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