15 Top attractive places in Mobile, Alabama

15 Top attractive places in Mobile, Alabama

If you have an idea to visit Mobile, we’ll tell you the most attractive places in Mobile, Alabama, as well as the most interesting things you can do in there. There are dozens of places you can visit in Mobile. This historic city is full of lovely squares and beautiful old homes. You can spend a day visiting some of the museums, exploring the beaches and small towns, and wandering the historic districts. Then, let’s start our tour of Mobile.

1. Battleship Memorial Park

15 Top attractive places in Mobile, Alabama

This is the first place that comes to my mind when talking about Mobile. BB-60 battleship also called the Mighty A was launched in 1942. It became the centerpiece of Mobile’s new veteran’s memorial park in 1965. If you visit there, you can see many things like the captain’s cabin of the USS Alabama, berth compartments, decks, turrets, mess,  bridge,  wardroom, and more.

A historic submarine named USS Drum is open for visitors. Memorial park has a collection of aircraft including world war 2 era craft like Cold-War A-12 Black Bird spy plane and Red-Tail P-51 and Boeing B-52 bomber. You can see historic military equipment like weapons and tanks used in world war 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam war, and the Desert Storm conflict.

2. Fort Conde

15 Top attractive places in Mobile, Alabama

Fort Conde was built in 1702 by the French to defend their colony. Once it was damaged during the flood and was rebuilt in 1723. Fort conde served as the area’s main defense point until 1820. By 1823, all of the buildings in Fort conde had been removed. Now it covers about one-third of the original space. Fort conde was reconstructed using a 4/5 scale. They tried to include the features that the Fort had as much as possible.

1976, the Fort conde was opened in celebration of the nation’s bicentennial. If you like to learn about life in the fort during the 18th century, you should visit there. They let you enjoy your tour by offering fun and family-friendly activities like a shooting gallery, a photo set with colonial costumes, and a colonial-themed photo gallery.

3. Museum of Art

15 Top attractive places in Mobile, Alabama

The Museum of Art is located in Langan Park, Mobile. If you visit there you can see more than ten thousand works of art. The most important thing is they span 2,000 years. This collection consists of decorative arts, American art, African art, and contemporary crafts. Their Native American collection consists of both art and artifacts, like textiles, several early photographs, hand-colored lithographs, baskets, and beadwork.

The Mobile Museum of Art has an entire hall for children. It is specially designed to teach them about the elements of art. Kids can engage with hands-on exhibits and galleries. For adults and teenagers, the museum offers art lessons and workshops including clay sculpture and drawing.

4. History Museum 

15 Top attractive places in Mobile, Alabama

If you like to learn about Mobile’s fascinating past, you should visit the mobile history museum. It is one of the most attractive places in Mobile, Alabama. It is home to artifacts and exhibits. Through them, you can learn lots of things like the Colonial Period, slavery, Mobile’s important role in supporting world war 2, the Civil War, and important events in the Civil Rights Movement.

If you visit the Mary Jane Slayton Inge Gallery you can see another interesting collection. It is home to several decorative arts. Also, the collection consists of interesting artifacts from Old Mobile’s high society, such as fine crystals and sculptures. The Mobile’s museum is home to a unique collection of miniature houses also. You can visit to the Phoenix Fire Museum on Claiborne Street, which is run by the Mobile history museum. It used to be a firehouse used by Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company No. 6 in the 19th century. Some of the city’s first motorized fire-fighting vehicles and a few restored examples of horse-drawn fire engines are displayed in this area.

5. Bellingrath Gardens 

Bellingrath Gardens 

Bellingrath is famous for its historic mansion and fine gardens. This area is located outside of Mobile and it is one of the most attractive places in Mobile, Alabama. This area occupies 16 acres. If you visit in January and February, you can see more than  400 varieties of camellia. The garden’s 250,000 azaleas bloom in March. If you visit in November, you can see Cascading Chrysanthemums. Bellingrath garden has a 15-room museum home designed by the local architect George B. Rogers in 1935.

A brick façade fashioned from Alva Smith Vanderbilt Belmont’s birthplace and ironwork saved from the Southern Hotel before it was demolished are among the features. The Delchamps Gallery of Boehm Porcelain was created in the mansion’s garage. Edward Marshall Boehm’s work is included in collections, including several early and uncommon pieces. The estate also holds several occasions all year long, such as an Easter egg hunt in the spring.

  • Visit: 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road, Theodore, Alabama
  • Official website: www.bellingrath.org

6. GulfQuest Maritime Museum

GulfQuest Maritime Museum

GulfQuest is among the most attractive places in Mobile, Alabama. It is home to many educational and interactive exhibits. If you like to learn Gulf of Mexico’s importance as a maritime trade center, you should visit it there. Junior Mariner’s play area is open for kids and it encourages imagination with props and costumes.

Children can enjoy the full-wall mural of Mobile Bay, which offers movable sea life and boats. There are many things to enjoy not only for kids but also for a whole family. Some of them are a steamboat station, a chance to operate a container ship crane, test out navigational skills using a sextant, and a navigation game. They also feature several multimedia presentations on the area’s history and marine life.

  • Visit: 155 South Water Street, Mobile, Alabama
  • Official website: www.gulfquest.org

7. Gulf Coast Science Center

Gulf Coast Science Center

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center offers you educating young minds and entertainment through their interactive science exhibits and the IMAX theater. It has a science lab that allows kids to learn about biology and health by conducting experiments. The museum’s permanent exhibits cover topics like boating, fishing, ocean life, and human interaction with nature. There is also a play-learning area for children who are five years and younger.  If you visit there you can watch science-based films in the IMAX theater throughout the day.

8. DAR House

DAR House

Richards DAR House is located in the De Tonti Square Historic District. It was built for Captain Charles G. Richards and his wife Caroline in the 1860s. After a while, it was donated to Mobile city. This building was restored in 1973 and now it has become a museum that hosts special events and offers daily guided tours.

There are many interesting things you can watch like four seasons lace ironwork, Carrara mantels, Cornelius chandeliers in the entry and both parlors, and a Baccarat crystal chandelier in the formal dining room. This home has taken a special place among the most attractive places in Mobile, Alabama. If you like, you can rent this home for special events.

9. Mardi Gras Celebrations

Mardi Gras Celebrations

If you visit Mobile, you can experience the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States. This lively evening is held in February and it is full of colors and with a traditional parade. This event is the most unique thing to do in Mobile and you can learn about the history of this annual party, how the floats are created, and see actual costumes. You can find beads all over the city’s balconies, trees, and streets for days after the event. You can experience the city’s premier social events like Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras, and Fat Tuesday also.

10. Historic Districts

Historic Districts

There are seven designated Historic Districts in Mobile and you can learn Mobile’s history by walking through them. Every District has its unique character as well as architectural heritage. You can experience the Self-guided walking tours and driving tours throughout this interesting area.

De Tonti Square in downtown Mobile is one of the highlights, home to historic structures in the Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, and Victorian architectural styles. In the 1850s and 1860s, clay-brick townhouses and homes were constructed beside brick sidewalks that still have their original gas lighting. Over 60 blocks long and made up of a variety of houses and cottages with different architectural features ranging from the 1830s to the 1930s make up the Oakley Garden District.

11. Cathedral Basilica

Cathedral Basilica

Cathedral basilica is among the attractive places in Mobile, Alabama. It is popular among tourists because of its history and architecture. Cathedral Basilica was established in 1704. In 1711, it was moved to its current location. There are many features to watch like eight Roman Doric columns, a barrel vault ceiling, and two towers and some features are remarkable due to the historical factors.

There are massive stained-glass windows and they were installed between 1890 and 1910. Also, there are 12 measuring eight feet wide by 23 feet tall which represents the different scenes from the life of Mary. The original model of the cathedral was destroyed by a fire and the Wicks Organ Company installed the recent model in 1957.

12. Oakleigh Historic Complex 

This building consists of three houses. They are the Oakleigh Greek Revival mansion, Cox-Deasey House, and the Cook’s House. The Greek Revival mansion was built for the prominent merchant, James Roper in 1833. This mansion is furnished with antiques of the early Empire, Victorian, and Regency periods. The Cox-Deasey House is next to the mansion. This building was built by a brick mason for his wife and 11 children. The Cook’s House was built in 1850. It was used as the slaves’ quarters. This three-house structure represents the everyday life of craftsmen, domestic servants, and laborers. You can get an idea about the interaction between owners and servants and the effect of urban slavery on this city.

13. Condé-Charlotte Museum

Condé-Charlotte Museum

This building was built in 1822. It served as Mobile city’s first official jail and courthouse. In 1848, the Kirkbride family bought this building and since then it used as their home. Some rooms in the Condè Charlotte museum have been furnished to reflect a period and a nationality. For example, they reflect French Empire,  American Federal, 18th-century English, and the Confederate room. Other rooms in this home are restored to reflect 19th-century life.

The kitchen in this house reflects the original jail structure. it is the oldest part of the house. If you visit there you can see a collection of historic artifacts, like Bohemian vases, antique clocks, and a 17th-century Chaudron silver tea set.

14. Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay

On the Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay is home to a multitude of charming beaches, attractive towns, and interesting historic landmarks. The Dauphin Island bird refuge and Fort Gaines, which had a role in the Civil War, are both located at the southwest entrance to Mobile Bay. Visitors can take a ferry from this location to Fort Morgan, which is located on Pleasure Island’s western point.

The beautiful swimming beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are located in the southeast corner of the bay. An important destination for bird migration is the Audubon bird sanctuary on Dauphin Island. A freshwater lake on the island offers opportunities for swimming, fishing, and beach relaxation. Fort Gaines, which is also on Dauphin Island, was under the authority of France, Great Britain, Spain, and the United States before being taken over by them in 1813. Fort Gaines, which was finished in 1861, was crucial to the Battle of Mobile Bay.

Another interesting location is Fairhope, which is located high on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay’s bluffs. Biking, golfing, tennis, and fishing from the Fairhope Pier are all excellent outdoor activities in the town. In the area of Fairhope, the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve provides a home to a variety of fish and crustaceans in a diversified habitat.

15. Hank Aaron Home

Hank Aaron Childhood Home

This is the baseball legend Hammerin’ Hank’s house. The Hank Arron Home, Hank’s father was built by Herbert Aaron in 1942. It started with three rooms and it expanded 1n 1962 and 1972. Estella Arron, Hank’s mother lived there until 2007. In 2010, it was restored and opened as a museum. The museum has mementos, like his 1957 Golden Glove award, as well as exhibitions on his family and childhood.

Hank Aaron has the honor of having an entire exhibit dedicated to him. Only two baseball players have this honor. The other person is Babe Ruth. The museum is closed on the weekends unless there is a special event organized, so visitors should be aware of this.

Those are the most attractive places in Mobile,  Alabama. If you plan to tour Birmingham, don’t forget to visit these places. You will be able to get an amazing experience in Mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the fame of Mobile, Alabama?

Hank Aaron, Billy Williams, William McCovery, Satchel Paige, and Ozzie Smith, five members of the MLB Hall of Fame, all reside in Mobile. 117 years before Alabama became a state, the first town in Alabama was Mobile, which was established in 1702.

Is it a suitable location to live in Mobile, Alabama?

Particularly if you’re seeking for a house with a low cost of living and gorgeous views, Mobile, Alabama, is a great spot to call home. There are so many places to choose from that it might be difficult to choose the ideal place to call home, but Mobile has it all.

Is living in Mobile, Alabama, cost effective?

Mobile, Alabama has a cost of living that is 2% less than the state average and 14% less than the average for the country. Housing costs in Mobile, Alabama are 37% less than the national average, while utility costs are 2% lower.

What attracts people to Alabama?

You can expect spending significantly less on food, taxes, real estate, and housing costs when the cost of living is low. A house in Alabama may eventually prove to be a wise investment because to the additional savings. Alabama’s beautiful, snow-white beaches and its stable climate are yet another factor contributing to the state’s population growth.

Do tourists like Alabama?

Yes. Alabama is also rich with amazing natural landmarks, especially at Mobile Bay on the gulf of Mexico’s eastern coast where visitors may find state parks, nature preserves, and gorgeous sandy beaches.