Geographic area-wise largest state of Germany is Bavaria. It nestles in the southeast corner of Germany. Austria and Czech Republic borders the beautiful state of Bavaria. Bavaria is one of the most appealing tourist destinations in Germany. This article covers 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria, which any human would love to visit. There are mountain peaks, cold and lovely lakes, and scenic hills to climb in Bavaria.

Some of the most scenic towns in Germany are located in Bavaria. The whole area has a historical importance. The Danube winds flow across its center.

Bavaria is abundant with ancient castles, grand magnificent palaces and age-old traditions. Though the state is quite old, it has many brand-newly built places to visit. Among them, there is a state-of-the-art interactive museum and a contemporary art scene.

You can lavishly spend a memorable vacation here at Bavaria. Let’s now look at the 10 Top-Rated Attractions in Bavaria which wait anxiously until your arrival there.

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1 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Neuschwanstein


King Ludwig II was quite eccentric to built his castle, in a neo-Romanesque style. The towers of the castle rises above a rocky cliff, a lake and a greenly forest. Beside the castle, one can view an eye-catching panorama of the misty Bavarian Alps. This castle is widely believed by everyone as the source of inspiration for Walt Disney’s theme park castles. The Singer’s Hall, the Throne room and other grand rooms are decorated exquisite in themes take from romantic literature and heroic legends. If one peeps out of the castle’s window, he can witness the breathtaking scenes of the Alps nearby.

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2 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Marienplatz and Frauenkirche, Munich

Marienplatz, Munich

The capital of Bavaria is Munich. It is the third largest city in Germany. One of German’s most visited tourist attractions is Munch city. If you are going to explore Bavaria, it’s good to start from Munich. Marienplatz is the city’s big central square. One side of it wholly built by the glorious neo Gothic face of the New Town Hall. There is a huge clock, named the glockenspiel here. It performs at 11am and 5pm from March to October. The specialty is, it is a huge clock animated with moving figures. On one corner of the square is the façade of the Town Hall and, on the other end is the twin-domed towers of Frauenkirche.

3 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Zugspitze and the Bavarian Alps


Zugspite mount is a segment of the Westterstein Alpine mount range. The Wetterstein Alpine mountain range spans between Austria and Germany. Precepitous valleys cover Zugspite. You can reach Zugspite’s 2.962 meter eastern summit by cable car from Eibsee. Or Else, you can get the Zugspitzbhan cog railway. The train takes you to the Zuspitzplaff, and from there you can reach the summit by a cable car. This mountan is very popular among hikers. It is considered the tallest mount in Germany, The Schneefernerhaus which is located nearby is a famous place for skiers. It is the highest skiing place in Germany. Winter sports lovers across Europe come here to experience perfect skiing activities.

4 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Nymphenburg and the Residenz — Munich’s Royal Palaces

Nymphenburg Palace

The Munich Residenz has been the official residence of kings, dukes and electors of Bavaria for centuries. This is one of most elegant palaces in Europe. Routinely, the royal family has moved to the palace of Nymphenburg in summer. Beautiful gardens cover the Nymphenburg Palace.. The palace complex has seven large courtyards and three sections mainly. In here, you can visit the Cuvillies-Theatre, the Treasury, the Court Church of All Saints, and also the ancient courtyards with the attractive court garden. If you visit the Central Pavilion, which was built in the 17th century following the style of an Italian villa, you can also witness the decorated Stone Hall and the private chambers.

5 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Nymphenburg and the Residenz — Nürnberg Castle and Altstadt (Old Town)

Nürnberg Castle

Nurnberg castle has fortunately been restored to it’s original condition. It was badly damaged during World War II. The walls of the castle extends up to more than four kilometers. The castle s nearly 551 meter tall, and is one of the most important medieval fortresses in Europe. This castle has been the home for emperors for more than 500 years. Tourists have several historical monuments to see here. They are the imperial stables, chapel, Pentagonal tower, the well house and the Sinwell tower. Beneath the castle, is located the Albrecht Durer House. The Albrecht Durer House museum is dedicated to Albrecht Durer and for his works. Moreover, in the imperial castle museum you can observe medieval armor and weapons.

6 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Rothenburg and the Romantic Road

Traditional houses situated in Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber

This is a finely preserved medieval town, named Rothenburg. It is one of the best ones medieval towns you can find in Europe. There are two another such towns, named as Nordiligen and Dinkelbuhl. In Rotherburg, there are streets where in other sides there are half-timbered houses, shops and cafes. They are all decorated by finely crafted iron signs. If you visit the famous shop, situated just after the Market Square, you can experience the feeling of Christmas at any time you visit it.

Especially From the times of 15th and 16th centuries, the town of Dinkelbuhl has been renowned for the wool trade If you are coming to see the town of Dinkelbuh, don’t miss out to witness the ornate wooden trim and the patrician Hezelholf coming from the 16th century.

7 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace

King Ludwig II loved this palace the most. It’s easy to think the reason behind that. The palace is situated amidst cool green color forests. This makes the palace a very comfortable place to live in. The palace shines with its exquisite ornamental decorations. When you take a tour around the palace, there is a list of significant places you will meet. They are the Hall of Mirrors, the Audience Chamber, the Dining room and the king’s Bedchamber. On the guided tour, you can also hear about stories of the king. You also must take a tour to see the Venus Grotto, which is the king’s wonderful man-built carven. But, you can roam around the gardens, on your own.

8 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Königssee and Kehlsteinhaus


The Konigsee is one of the most serene places in Bavaria. The lake is surrounded by woody mountains and rocky cliffs of the Watzmann mountain range. The small pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomew is situated on the shore of the lake. You can see the reflection of the red domes of the church in the lake’s clear waters. A tourist can reach the church by boat from Schonau, and there is a footpath along the lake’s east shore to get to see the scenic views pf the church. The road to the Eagle’s Nest, the power symbol of the Nazi regime is very steep. Instead, you can ride the brass elevator and get to the place.

9 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

Camp Memorial of Dachau Concentration

The tiny town of Dachau was well-known for it’s castle and artists’ colony, specially before the Nazi era and World war II. Today, the name of the town is nearly synonymous with the terrific holocaust. 41,000 people lost their lives during the Nazi regime on this site, named as the Dachau concentration camp.

The KZ-Gedenkstatte Dachau stands today as a memorial to those victims and others who lost their lives during that bleak period. Stories of the prisoners who were imprisoned inside, are manifested through photographs, documents and artifacts. For that, the barracks and cell have been rebuilt. English-guided tours are available daily, or you can take a knowledgeable guide.

10 of 10 top-rated attractions in Bavaria – Herrenchiemsee


King Ludwig II opted for an island in Bavaria’s largest lake, Chiemsee as the site to build his largest palace. He thought of building it as a rival to Versailles in its splendor and grandness. Unfortunately, it was half-way completed, at the time he was drowned near Neuschwanstein. He was only 40 years then. But, the State Staircase, Ludwig’s small Apartment and the State Bedroom was completed as the king expected in his thoughts. They were all decorated in the Rococo-style. The artifacts and furnishings connected to the king’s life are displayed in the King Ludwig II Museum. You can get to the island by boat from Stock or Prien.

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