Awe-inspiring 5 Things to Do in Black Forest Germany - They are the Best!

Awe-inspiring 5 Things to Do in Black Forest Germany – They are the Best! 

This article offers you 5 things to do in Black Forest Germany. All of them are super awesome to experience during your next vacation.

Explores find it very pleasing to explore Germany. This is due to the fascinating cities like Cologne, Munich and Berlin which are located in Germany. You’ll have a great choice of appealing cities to visit in your trip to Germany. Germany not only offers you some epic cities to visit, but it has areas of lush greenery as the Black Forest. They are mostly virgin forest areas belonging to nature.

The magic is that, an explorer would never be tired of visiting Germany even many times. There are a collection of tremendously beautiful places in Germany, which your eyes will never feel bored of watching.

Each epic city of Germany is epic in its own way. There is much diversity which drives you crazy at some time. Counting up beginning from the smooth valleys in Moselle and proceeding to the human untrodden paths rom the Black Forest, you will get lost in a variety of places to walk in Germany.

Undoubtedly, I would say that you will feel above satisfaction after your tip to Black Forest!

Tourists love every moment of their trip to the Black Forest. The journey is fully packed with amazing things to enjoy and do in the Black Forest. So, for your ease we have listed down awe-inspiring 5 things to do in Black Forest Germany. Look out for these stops during your memorable trip to the Black Forest.

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1 of 5 Things to Do in Black Forest Germany – Cross over the Wildline Suspension Bridge

One of the first halting places you would meet during your journey to the Black Forest would be the Wildline Suspension bridge. It takes nearly 60 minutues to dive here from the Stuttgart Airport.

The bridge stretches for around 380 meters. It is nearly 60 meters up from the valley below and offers some fantastic views for its visitors. Most tourists spend leisurely hours near the bridge and walking around the pathways nearby. Some also try the Treetop Walk, which is only a 15 minute walk from the bridge.

You should make a note to carry cash with you, before arriving at the bridge. The parking ticket machine doesn’t allow credit cards and the nearest ATM is somewhat far to travel.

2 of 5 Things to Do in Black Forest Germany – Trek the Treetop Walk, Bad Wildbad

There are number of walkways and trails in Bad Wildbad. You will be amazed by the stunning views you get to see from there. The views are absolutely fantastic. The Bad Wildbad is situated in a one hour drive distance from Stuttgart. But, the thing is you will feel like walking a million miles from Stuttgart to Bad Wildbad owing to the number of pathways visible.

You will have to go through elevated walkways, spruce and beech tress to get to the most appealing observation deck you would ever find.

There is a huge 40m high structure with a spiral walkway, which will take you to the top. Climbing it, you can reach the tips of trees. This is one of the most amazing and extraordinary viewing platforms you can reach into on earth.

After sightseeing from the top, you will have to descend down the spiral staircase back to the base. Make sure you have coins to pay at the staircase. Overall, this is one of the top 5 things to do in Black Forest Germany.

3 of 5 Things to do in Germany’s Black Forest – Visit the spa town of BadenBaden

At the end of a day exploring the countryside, you can visit the historic spa town of Baden-Baden for a little change. Tourists even stay here overnight. Tourists walk all over the town by foot, as it is a so small city.

Although the city is small in size, it has a long history dating back over 2000 years!

Now, you know that Bath city in England was preferred by Romans to chill out and relax during the heaty weather. The same was for the city of Baden Baden. The spas of the city, makes it an appealing place for tourists to relax and enjoy while having fun.

As you walk through Baden-Baden, you will come across steaming fountains and spas. They are all there for you to take a dip and relax your weary muscles. These fountains and spas make the city of Baden-Baden so special for its frequent visitors.

If you arrive at Baden-Baden, don’t forget to visit Trinkhalle. It is very extravagant fresco-lined arcade.

Feeling hungry? Dine in at the Fritz & Felix and have a mouth-watering plate of yummy stuff. They have a seasonal meu with cocktail of course. This restaurant specially have a fizzy italicus and a Fritz & Felix spritz in their menu, which are exclusively made by them.

If you eyes yearn for sights away from the cobbled streets of Baden-Baden, you have got a nice option. Just jump into a car and drive up the Merkur Mountain. Here you can reach to see some stunning scenes by following trails up the mountain. Crunch a snack while observing the beautiful panorama.

4 of 5 Things to Do in Black Forest Germany – Steer along the B500 Black Forest High Route

If you want to spend a day travelling on a road, which offers picturesque sights on either sides, then this would be a perfect match for your cravings. Ride on the Black Forest High Route which falls from Baden-Baden to Freudenstaldt.

The road spans for nearly 60 km in length. You will have a great day stopping by some attractive spots you meet throughout the route. Now, we’ll introduce to you some such appealing sites that you must see during your journey along the route.

Food first! Before to start exploring make sure your tummy is full, so that you can survive travelling a long drive. You can take meals from Wirthaus zur Geroldsauer Muhle. It is close to Baden-Baden, and you can have some tasty cakes from them if you like. Remember that hungry explorers don’t get very far!

First in the line comes the Geroldsauer Waterfall. You may have to trek over some narrow lanes to reach here. But the effort is of worth. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because the pathways are slippery.

After the hike to the waterfall, come back to your car and head towards the Mummelsee Lake. Here you can stop and have some snacks. There are cuckoo clocks in the roadside store Travelers usually hire pedal boats from the store and ride around the lake.

Another stop midst your drive will be the all Saints Abbey, called as Kloster Allerheiligen Ruinen. There are ruins of the historic 12th century abbey. The place is truly attractive. In addition, the Allerheligen waterfalls gush nearby.

A few kilometers South of All Saint’s Abbey, located is the Lotharpfad. It constitutes a range of viewing platforms and boardwalks. This is an ideal place to stretch your legs. The trail is super easy. The whole family can try visiting here. Plus, before you end your trip, visit Lake Ellbachsee with its iconic viewing platform.

After along drive and walking on trails, most tourists make it a habit to take a rest at the Hotel Liberty. This is a hotel designed exclusively for nature travelers. You will never feel like imprisoned inside the hotel, as the hotel is so uniquely connected with nature. Most tourists love this hotel. The hotel also has a restaurant with tasty dishes. They have the most delicious seared tuna in their mouth-watering menu.

5 of 5 Things to Do in Black Forest Germany – Try the Black Forest Airstrip

After enjoying a comfortable sleep at Offenburg, now it is time to try out something exciting. Head over to the scenic Kinzig Valley and fly above the valley. The Hirschgrund Zipline is located just above the Kinzig valley. So, taking the zipline is one of best 5 things to do in Black Forest Germany, especially if you are a adventure lover.

You will have to squeeze in between the tress, and climb between the valley, while traversing into the hills. Most tourists start trekking in the morning. It is the best time to start traveling to the spot. Almost all travelers who zipline in the Black Forest, Germany love that unique experience.