Things To Do In Stockholm, Sweden - Real Travel Experts

Things To Do In Stockholm, Sweden – Real Travel Experts

Are you planning a cruise or a trip to the Baltic states? And do you want to know Things To Do In StockholmStockholm, Sweden’s capital, is undoubtedly on your list of locations to? visit. Stockholm is situated on a network of islands, similar to Venice, the famed city to the south. A system of roughly fifty-seven bridges link the city’s fourteen tiny islands, which are organized into 10 districts and connected to each other and the Swedish mainland. There is so much to see and experience in the city, whether you travel by car, tram, ferry, or boat, or by bike or on foot.

Water makes up a third of the city, parks and green areas another third, and the rest is conventional yet attractive Old World architecture. Stockholm is an extremely clean city because of all of the natural areas. If you wish to, you can even swim in its waters. There are several public beaches, but none are privately owned. The buildings’ architecture ranges from extremely old to quite contemporary, since nothing has been modified or destroyed throughout the ages. The city originally appears in writings dating back to the 13th century.

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Museums for all ages

Visiting museums is one of a Things To Do In Stockholm. Stockholm boasts more palaces, churches, and museums than any other city in the world, with about one hundred of the latter. Many are free or have free periods. Visit the National Museum, which houses more than 50,000 artworks and objects. From the 17th century to the present, the National Maritime Museum covers ships and maritime history. Near the Vasa Museum, their floating museum ships are on exhibit. The museum is named after the most entirely preserved 17th century ship ever discovered (95 percent).


In Stockholm’s skyline, the Nordiska Museet stands out. It is devoted to Sweden’s ethnography and cultural history. It’s adjacent to the Vasa Museet and a must-see for anybody with Swedish heritage or an interest in foreign culture. Everything from displays on the indigenous Sami peoples to fashion, photography, folk art, & more can be found here.


enjoying music is another amazing Things To Do In Stockholm. ABBA’s music is loved by almost everyone. It’s hardly unexpected that Stockholm has a museum dedicated to this Swedish music trio. From clothes to prizes, ABBA memorabilia may be found here. If you dare, take part in and record your own shows, music and dance in virtual stage costumes.

Stockholm, Sweden - ABBA wax figures
ABBA Wax Figurines 

Parks & Gardens

Another best Things To Do In Stockholm is strolling parks and gardens. The Royal Djurgarden, the world’s first national city park, is located in Stockholm. It is enormous, encompassing several of the museums mentioned above, as well as the Stockholm University and four palaces. The crown has owned it since the 15th century.

Millesgarden is a sculpture garden and an art museum on the island of Lindago. It also houses the old residence of the painters, Carl and Olga Milles.

The Victoria House at the Bergeus Botanic Garden in Lake Brunnsviken is home to the world’s biggest water lily. The Gardens are open to the public and include hundreds of trees and plants. The conservatory and Victoria House have exotics on exhibit.

Bryggartappan, a public playground/park, offers a glimpse at life in 1800s Stockholm With model dwellings, smithy, workshops, and factory – ideal for children.


World Heritage Sites by UNESCO

The Woodland Cemetary may not seem like a location you’d want to visit, yet it’s prized for its beauty, serenity, and remarkable architecture. If you look hard enough, you can discover Greta Garbo’s tomb. The majority of the residents use this area for pleasant walks.

Birka is a 2-hour boat ride from Stockholm, so it is not technically in the city, but it is definitely worth the trip. The site is a Viking outpost archaeological dig and museum.

The Drottningholm Palace, with its 300-year-old Chinese Pavilion theatre, is a must-see. Some of Europe’s best examples of rococo furniture may be seen in the latter. Since 1662, the Palace has been home to Sweden’s royal dynasty.


Ride the Ericsson Globe’s Skyview up the side of the world’s biggest hemispheric structure. It serves as an indoor hockey and performance arena. Globen is the local name for it.

Look for Stockholm’s Iron Kid, commonly known as the “small boy staring at the moon,” or Jampojke. This is a modest (about 8 inch tall) public statue by artist Liss Erikson in the Old Town or Gamla Stan, near a small church plaza. Give him a present, pat his head, and wish him luck. It’s like a wishing well in Stockholm.


The Best Time to Go to Stockholm and best Things To Do In Stockholm

Stockholm’s weather is pleasant due to its location on the water, despite its location in the northern parts of Europe. Still, the greatest time to visit is during the summer, from June to August, when all of the attractions are open, the weather is pleasant, and you can see Stockholm in daylight almost all of the time. The kingdom of the midnight sun awaits you! At that time there are many Things To Do In Stockholm.

Inquire with your travel agent about a trip to Stockholm or, if you’re on a Baltic cruise, about port visits. You don’t want to miss out on some of the city’s lovely and distinctive gems.

So, don’t ne late. Try to experience the Things To Do In Stockholm.