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15 Top-Rated Attractions In Trondheim and Best Things To Do In Trondheim

Someone must ask me at least once a week for advice on what to do in Trondheim. Anyone who has lived in the city should have no trouble answering the questions of what to see, what to eat, and where to stay.

New kings are still installed at Trondheim, which served as Norway’s capital until 1217. It is a well-liked stop on the Hurtigruten ferry, which runs between Kirkenes and Bergen. It is an ideal starting point for fjord cruises due to the warm maritime climate.

1. Nidaros Cathedral

In Trondheim

The northernmost medieval cathedral in the world is Trondheim Cathedral. Over the grave of St. Olav, the patron saint of Norway, Nidaros Cathedral was erected in 1066. The church had a thorough restoration in the early 1900s after sustaining multiple fire damages.

Address: Bispegt. 5, Trondheim

2. Explore Bakklandet and Gamle Bybro (Old Town Bridge)

In Trondheim

The most ancient and atmospheric area in Trondheim is called Bakklandet (Old Town Bridge). Old wooden structures now hold boutique stores, art galleries, coffee shops, and restaurants. One of the nicest areas in the city to saunter along the Nidelva river is the Gamle Bybro.

3. Kristiansten Fortress

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Between 1681 and 1695, the Kristiansten Fortress was constructed to defend the city of Oslo. Reminders of the city’s 20th-century past can be found in the cells where Nazis imprisoned members of the Norwegian Resistance during World War II. The tower offers beautiful city views and is open to the public without charge.

Address: Rosenborg, Trondheim 7016

4. Rockheim

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This walk down memory lane and the opportunity to hear some of Norway’s greatest musicians will appeal to fans of pop and rock music. There are many things to do here because the museum’s treasures are on display together with interactive exhibits, movies, and recordings.

Through sounds and performance videos, the permanent exhibition The Time Tunnel brings modern Norwegian musical and cultural history from the 1950s to the present to life. A variety of changing displays highlight specific facets of music and culture.

In this museum, you can participate actively by dancing, making your own remixes, grooving out to hit songs, or letting your inner graffiti artist out. The restaurant within the museum offers city views.

Address: Brattorkaia 14, 7010 Trondheim

5. Archbishop’s Palace and Museum

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In addition to being the oldest structure of its sort in Scandinavia, the medieval Archbishop’s Palace (Erkebispegarden) is also one of the best preserved such palaces in Europe. The west wing of the palace, which dates to the late 12th century, is currently home to a number of historical exhibits, notably the Norwegian Crown Regalia exhibit, which features a magnificent collection of Norway’s glittering crown jewels.

The Army and Resistance Museums, which concentrate on Trondheim’s military history from the Viking era to World War II, are also located here. The Archbishop’s Palace Museum, located in the south wing, houses original sculptures and artifacts discovered close at Nidaros Cathedral.

Address: Bispegt. 5, Trondheim

6. Stiftsgarden

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When the Norwegian royal family travels to Trondheim, they stay at Stiftsgarden, which was originally built in 1778 as a private residence by the affluent Christine Scholler. This palace with more than 100 rooms is one of the biggest wooden structures in all of Europe and a magnificent example of Baroque architecture from the 18th century.

Since 1800, the palace has served as a residence for royals and their visitors, and a guided tour of its magnificent chambers will give you a clear idea of how the social elite lived.

Address: Munkegata 23, Trondheim

7. Ringve Museum

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Visit Norway’s national museum of music and musical instruments, the Ringve Museum, for a more thorough and comprehensive look into Norwegian and European music. It has two ongoing exhibits: the Museum in the Manor House, including European musical instruments, and the Museum in the Barn, with demonstrations of contemporary sound and lighting technologies.

The ground-breaking Beethoven Factory display, commemorating Beethoven’s 250th birthday, will debut in 2021. The exhibition uses a number of interactive elements in addition to the captivating multimedia installation to vividly depict Beethoven’s enduring effect on music, movies, art, and even politics. Families with kids will like this exhibit, which has something for every age group, and the entire museum as a whole.

Address: Lade Alle 60, 7041 Trondheim

8. Wander around the Harbor and visit the Trondheim Maritime Museum

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The old port portion of the city, which is located at the mouth of the River Nidelv, can be explored for hours. Built on piles above the sea are vibrant old wooden warehouses, many of which have been transformed into chic boutiques and opulent mansions. The greatest way to see these structures is from the boat, and there are many different harbor tour options available.

The Trondheim Maritime Museum focuses on examining the city’s lengthy and deeply ingrained relationship with the water. Exhibits include figureheads, models, and images of sailing ships, as well as a number of nautical instruments, and are housed in a former penitentiary from the early 1700s. Families should visit this attraction since many of the exhibits promote hands-on participation from kids, such as putting on uniforms, climbing into hammocks, and tying knots.

Address: Ovre Elvehavn, Trondheim

9. Explore Trondheim by Kayak or Tour Boat

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The greatest way to see the vibrant harbor buildings is from the sea, and there are several different port tour options. The majority of visitors choose frequent boat cruises, as those with Trondheim by Boat on the Afjordsboat Froya or the Trawler Ranja. There are other options, such as guided sightseeing tours that focus on the nature, history, and culture of the Trondheimsfjord, fishing excursions, and even sunset and winter cruises.

Alternately, you can paddle independently in a kayak to experience the port from the water’s edge and discover the lovely Nidelven river. Trondheim Kayak offers kayak rentals and guided cruises all year long.

Trondheim by Boat

  • Address: Munkegata 66, Trondheim

Trondheim Kayak

  • Address: Bostadvegen 11, Trondheim

10. Tyholttarnet

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Visit the observation deck at the Tyholttarnet, a 124-meter-tall radio tower, for a bird’s-eye perspective of the entire city. A 360-degree panorama can be obtained by spending an hour in the rotating restaurant Egon, which is 80 meters high.

This is a superb location to see the Northern Lights if you are fortunate enough to be there at the proper time. Charged solar particles collide with atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere to produce the aurora borealis, which manifests as a display of shifting colors. Trondheim is too far south to frequently experience northern lights displays, but they can appear sometimes from December to March.

Address: Otto Nielsens veg 4, Blussuvoll, Trondheim

11. Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum

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An outdoor museum of Norwegian history and culture is the Sami Museum in Trondheim. It surrounds the castle ruins of King Sverre, some of which date back to the 12th century. Up to 80 structures depict both city and rural life as well as Sami culture.

Address: Sverresborg Alle 13, 7020 Trondheim

12. Vitensenteret i Trondheim

The only and first 3D planetarium in Norway is open most weekends. There are models that can be operated and other interactive exhibitions, as well as hands-on creative projects that illustrate scientific principles. This museum offers more than simply educational value; it’s enjoyable to visit.

Address: Kongens gate 1, Trondheim

13. National Museum of Decorative Arts

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Oslo is home to the Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, the country’s national museum of decorative arts. Henry van de Velde created the interior of the museum in 1907. The museum has an amazing collection of Art Nouveau pieces that complement the building.

Address: Munkegata 5, Trondheim

14. Munkholmen

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The fortified island of Munkholmen is located in the Trondheimsfjord just over a kilometer outside of Trondheim. When visiting the island in the summer, you can take a shuttle boat from Ravnkloa and see the round tower of the former Benedictine abbey of Nidarholm, which was established in the 12th century.

The Gammel Festning, a fort built in 1658, as well as more modern fortifications left behind by the German invaders during World War II, when it was utilized as an anti-aircraft gun station, are presently located on this location.

15. Go Skiing at Fjellseter Grakallen

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Traveling five miles west of Trondheim to Fjellseter (367 meters), a well-liked ski resort with a ski-jump, is a nice day excursion and one of the most popular winter activities.

Hikers will appreciate the road that leads to Grakallen’s 555-meter top in the summer for its stunning views of Trondheimsfjord and the mountains that border Sweden. The Grakallen electric railroad and buses are other ways to get to the hill from St. Olavsgata.

Where to Stay in Trondheim for Sightseeing

The small city center of Trondheim is the ideal location for sightseeing because it has the majority of the city’s attractions. Nearly all of these hotels provide breakfast in their pricing, and the majority are conveniently close to places like the cathedral, Archbishop’s Palace, and port. Here are a few well-rated accommodations in this practical and strategic area:

Luxury Hotels:

  • The only luxury grand hotel in Trondheim, the Britannia Hotel has welcomed monarchs and dignitaries since its establishment in 1870. Britannia is one of the exclusive Leading Hotels of the World and features four restaurants, one of which has a Michelin star. There is a big spa and an indoor pool, and there are 246 rooms, including 11 deluxe suites. Britannia is a welcoming, family-friendly hotel despite its grandeur.
  • There aren’t any other truly luxury hotels in Trondheim, but the renowned, luminous Scandic Nidelven has garnered recognition for its delectable, complimentary breakfast. It is close to Trondheim Central station and the port.
  • The 298 guest rooms at the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, which is situated close to the city’s Nidelven River, are smartly decorated with vibrant accents. The room is flooded with beautiful natural light thanks to the center atrium, which is covered in glass. The rooms and suites have modern decor as well as mini bars and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet. There are family rooms available.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • The Best Western Plus Hotel Bakeriet is housed in a vintage two-story structure that was formerly a bakery and is located in a picturesque Old Town district five minutes’ walk from the Old Town Bridge. Customers adore how the hotel upholds its bakery traditions by offering free waffles all day long and a free light dinner in addition to breakfast.
  • The pet-friendly Scandic Bakklandet, which has a view of the Nidelva River, is just a 10-minute stroll from the cathedral and other city center attractions. Elegant guest rooms have contemporary furnishings and accents. There is also a plentiful breakfast buffet.
  • Furthermore pet-friendly, the cheerful and upbeat The Scandic Solsiden offers bike rentals to its visitors and is close to a lot of cafes and eateries. Even though it is not as close to attractions as some, Bakklandet Old Town and Stiftsgarden are nevertheless easily accessible by foot, making it convenient.

Budget Hotels:

  • The pet-friendly Comfort Hotel Trondheim is a short distance from the city’s central station and a few more steps from the main plaza. It has a magnificent atrium-style lobby and clean, modern rooms.
  • City Living, located between stores, eateries, and coffee shops, is a few blocks from the cathedral. With its apartment-style rooms and shared kitchen and laundry, Scholler Hotel & Apartments is an excellent choice for lengthy stays.
  • The stylish and modern Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, located close to the waterfront and a short stroll from the city center, hosts sizable congresses and offers a rooftop restaurant with stunning views of the Trondheim Fjord. The largest swimming complex in Norway, Pirbadet, and Rockheim are adjacent.