attractive places in Prescott, Arizona

11 Top attractive places in Prescott, Arizona

If you have an idea to visit Prescott,  a former capital of the Arizona Territory, we’ll tell you the most attractive places in Prescott, Arizona, as well as the most interesting things you can do in there. This unique destination is located at an elevation of about 5,300 feet. Prescott is surrounded by clear lakes, hills, and forests.

It has four distinct seasons and if you visit there in winter, you can see the occasional snowfall. There are dozens of historical significance and related attractions that you can visit in Prescott. You can learn the art of the American Southwest and explore the history of the Native Americans in this area. As well as there are dozens of things you can do from hiking, and camping to fishing and boating. Then, let’s start our tour of Prescott.

1. Courthouse Plaza

attractive places in Prescott, Arizona

Why don’t you start your tour by visiting this great place? Courthouse Plaza also called the downtown area is one of the most attractive places in Prescott. If you visit there you can see an equestrian statue of Bucky O’Neill in front of the courthouse plaza. This is the streets surrounding interesting shops and the blockhouse restaurants. If you visit here, there are plenty of things to entertain yourself. Sharlot Hall and the Elks Opera Hall are the most attractive things in this area. If you visit in December, you will see amazing Christmas decorations that adorn the downtown area. Prescott is popular among tourists because of being Arizona’s Christmas city.

2. Watson Lake

attractive places in Prescott, Arizona

Watson Lake is the most visually stunning area of Prescott. The orange granite hills and boulders which contrast with the dark blue water make an amazing view. If you wanna have a scenic view over the lake, you should go to Watson Lake Park. Then you will be able to find a high lookout point. As well as you can start the hiking trail that loops the lake from the lakeside area near the boat ramp. This area offers you do a variety of activities like kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, and camping. But you are not allowed for swimming. Many visitors come there during the summer season.

3. Sharlot Hall Museum

Sharlot Hall Museum

Sharlot Hall museum is located in downtown Prescott. It is a complex of historic structures and modern exhibit buildings. Prescott’s used to be the capital of the Arizona Territory in the 1860s. If you visit this museum, you can learn more about it. The tours start from the main building and you will be able to see an interesting display of dinosaur bones and recreations. After that, you can visit the first governor’s mansion and several other preserved buildings. Each of them plays are part in Prescott’s evolution.

  • Visit: 415 W. Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona

4. Hiking


Prescott city is located near the Prescott National Forest. As well as this amazing city is surrounded by beautiful natural areas like mountains, lakes, forests, and granite boulders. If you like to full-day hikes or embark on short excursions, Prescott is a great place. There are many hiking areas has surrounded the city. Some of them are Granite Basin Recreation Area, Watson Lake, and Lynx Lake Recreation Area. Watson Lake Loop Trail and the Thumb Butte Trail are the most popular hikes in Prescott. The elevation of Prescott is 5,300 feet and it has a much cooler climate than areas around Phoenix or Tucson. they make Prescott a great place for hiking.

5. Lynx Lake 

Lynx Lake 

Lynx Lake Recreation Area is another great place among the most attractive places in Prescott. It is located on the edge of Prescott.  The blue lake at the base of the surrounding hills makes great scenery. If you visit there, you can go hiking, rent a kayak, enjoy a picnic, or enjoy some nature. You have the opportunity for camping as well. Because the area above the lake is a campground. You only have to pay a small fee to get this amazing experience.

6. Phippen Museum

Phippen Museum

This museum has named for painter and sculptor George Phippen. It has a collection of art of the American Southwest. Across numerous exhibit halls, paintings and sculptures by well-known artists of this genre are tastefully exhibited. One unique exhibit is the exhibition of the Arizona Rancher and Cowboy Hall of Fame. Every three months, the museum’s schedule of traveling exhibits is updated. The impressive metal sculptures on the museum grounds as well as the large piece in the center of the traffic circle directly in front of the museum are worth seeing.

7. Heritage Park

Heritage Park

Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary is a great place to visit among the most attractive places in Prescott. This Park is popular because its exceptional assortment of native animals. It hosts some interactive programs. You have the opportunity to get up close with many of the animals. They also host tiger and black bear feeding shows, along with the Tarantula Grotto, daily. Heritage park has picnic areas and a children’s playground. Also, the hosts some special events like Boo at the Zoo on Halloween, a special visit from Santa close to Christmas, and  Breakfast with the Animals.

8. Thumb Butte Hiking

Thumb Butte Hiking

Thumb Butte hiking trail is one of the most popular hiking is in Prescott. As well as it is among the most attractive places in Prescott. From the top, you can see rolling hills covered in Ponderosa pines and out to the valley. It is recommended to go counterclockwise on this hike because it has a steady climb. Although the trail is easy, it does occasionally have steep sections, so some level of physical fitness is required. There is a small memorial on the top. It has created to commemorate 19 fireworks of the Granite Mountain Hotshots who died due to the Yarnell fire in 2013.

9. Smoki Museum

Smoki Museum

If you like to learn about the history of the Native Americans who inhabited these lands for centuries, Smoki museum is the best place for it. Here, you can find collections of pottery, petroglyphs, baskets, footwear, jewelry, carvings, and many other items. All items are displayed with information plaques. Volunteers explain the details of artifacts on display as well. If you are looking for a souvenir, Smoki Museum Trading Post has a great collection of Native American jewelry for sale.

10. Elks Theatre

Elks Theatre

Elk theatre is built in 1905. It’s not hard to find this place. Because the large elk on the top of the Elks Theatre makes it easier to understand. The theater has a lot of charm and history, but renovations in 2010 have made it a popular venue. The theater is mostly used to perform musical performances by tribute bands. The performance hall is worth seeing and it has been restored to its former glory.

11. Wolf Creek Falls

If you are looking for a family outing near Prescott, Wolf Creek Falls is an ideal place for it. The trip is less than one mile. There is a small swimming area at the base of the falls. If you like, you have a chance to scramble up to the top of the falls to get great views out over the nearby forests. Spring is the greatest season to go to the falls because there will be a lot of water. The falls frequently dry up in the summer. A different choice is to climb to the falls during the winter to see the beautiful icicles.

Those are the most attractive places in Prescott,  Arizona. If you plan to tour Prescott, don’t forget to visit these places. You will be able to get an amazing experience in Prescott.

Hotels to stay in Prescott

If you visit to Prescott, you can stay in the below highly rated hotels. They are close to most attractive places in Prescott.

Luxury and Mid-Range

  • Vendome Hotel: An excellent boutique choice The Vendome Hotel is only a few steps from the courthouse and the city’s main landmarks. The hotel, which opened in 1917, exudes character and history
  • Grand Highland Hotel: Located right on the Courthouse Plaza, The rooms of this hotel were furnished with items from the turn of the century. Every room has a specific name and history.
  • The Motor Lodge: The origins of mid-century modern design have been lovingly restored in these unique, funky rooms.
  • Hampton Inn Prescott: A modern, and comfortable hotel, the room rate includes breakfast, indoor pool


  • Heritage House Motel: Located near the Courthouse Square, Rooms here include a microwave and a mini fridge
  • Apache Lodge: A short drive from downtown, adobe-style architecture, dates from 1947, updated and renovated with modern convenience 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Prescott, Arizona, so famous?

In addition, Prescott is home to four of Arizona’s most prestigious museums and is packed with art galleries, antique shops, regional eateries, and golf courses. Visit one of the city’s four lovely little lakes for a day on the water that is great for boating, fishing, and wildlife observation.

Is Prescott, Arizona, a good place to live?

Since it lies in the center of the state, everything is accessible by car. Or perhaps it’s too far to get there for anything because it’s in the middle of nowhere. The Summers are warm compared to Phoenix, and the Winters are mild compared to Flagstaff since the temperature is neither too hot nor too low.

Is a trip to Prescott, Arizona, worthwhile?

Prescott, Arizona, is a desirable holiday destination even if it may not be as well known as Phoenix or Sedona. Prescott is lovely because there are so many things to do around. Prescott has a lot of lovely lakes close to the city, which makes it a well-liked weekend retreat from Phoenix.

Does Prescott, Arizona get snow every year?

Prescott doesn’t get much snow, but when it does, it usually amounts to an inch or more of new snow. At least three inches of new snowfall on one day per year on average. It doesn’t snow five inches or more every day every year.

How do the winters in Prescott, Arizona, feel?

During the months of December, January, and February, Prescott typically receives 5 to 6 inches of snowfall. Winter tourists can also anticipate average low temperatures of about 21 degrees and average high temperatures of about 55 degrees throughout these months.