11 Best Tourist Attractions In Lugano, Locarno & Ticino

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

With this list of the 11 best attractions in Ticino Region, you can be sure to find all of the best things to do. This further explains the unique attractions of Lugano, Locarno and Ticino.

Lake Lugano, surrounded by mountains, is the focal point of Switzerland’s Ticino region, the southern canton where Italian is the official language. More than just a distinct Italian accent can be found in the cuisine, architecture, attitudes, and more laid-back lifestyle than can be found elsewhere in Switzerland.

Lugano is not the only lake in the area. The northern end of Lake Maggiore stretches from Italy into Swiss Ticino, with Locarno at the top, its villas and gardens rising above the lake. Regular boat services and a shore-hugging road connect Locarno and nearby Ascona to Italian lake towns. Lugano is the largest and most important town in Ticino; its beauty and stunning setting make it one of Switzerland’s most popular vacation destinations. 

The final segment of the new shorter rail route through the St. Gotthard Pass, the Ceneri Base Tunnel, reduces travel time between Lucerne and Lugano to one hour and 45 minutes. You should not miss out on one of the most legendary scenic rail journeys in the Alps. The old route, which climbs through a series of corkscrew-shaped tunnels to reach sweeping mountain landscapes, is still in use on a daily basis. The Ticino region is also a fantastic destination for active travelers, with endless opportunities for hiking, cycling, climbing, or simply walking to take in the scenery.

01) Lugano’s Lakeside Parks and Promenade

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The beauty of Lugano will immediately take your breath away. It’s a charming Swiss town along the lake. The scenery around the lake is breathtaking. It’s a posh neighborhood with beautiful buildings and pricey shopping. This immaculate and lovely city is well worth seeing.

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

In southern Switzerland, the city of Lugano sits directly on the lake. It is a beautiful place for a relaxing evening. A walk along the shores of Lake Lugano is a wonderful way to relax. You can spend a whole day sightseeing there. Have a snack, go boating on the lake or explore some historical buildings. The long lakeside promenade runs from Lugano to the boat landing at the southern end of Paradiso.

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

At the northern end of Lugano, large green parks border the lake, shaded by trees and decorated with flower gardens. The Palazzo dei Congressi convention center and the 1843 Villa Ciani, historical and art collections, are surrounded by the venerable trees and subtropical plants of the Parco Urbani.

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

It expands to stop proportionally at places with subtropical gardens and walkways with modern sculptures. Framed by the surrounding mountains, the promenade has postcard views of the lake from every point.

02) Monte San Salvatore

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

Despite its low elevation of 912 meters, the summit of Monte San Salvatore offers one of the most beautiful and panoramic views in the Alps. Lake Lugano can be seen below, winding its way through the steep, wooded slopes that surround it. Lugano’s red tile roofs are scattered across the hillsides, and other villages cluster around the shore.

When you turn your back on the lake and town, you’ll see a sea of alpine peaks stretching to the horizon, capped by Monta Rosa and the Valais Alps. You can climb Monte San Salvatore, but most visitors prefer the 10-minute ride on the red funicular from Paradiso, Lugano’s lakeside station.

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

A restaurant, viewing terrace, & walking trails lead down to Carona, Melide, Morcote, and Figino at the upper station. You can return to Lugano by rail, postal bus, or boat from any of these locations.

03) Valle Verzasca

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The Valle Verzasca is a valley in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, located in the Locarno district. The 220-meter Verzasca Dam is one of the highest in Europe, but it’s best known to the rest of the world for James Bond’s death-defying jump in the opening scene of Golden-Eye. However, the dam is a modern intrusion that has not harmed one of Ticino’s many river valleys.

The beautiful green water of the river makes for a lovely sight to behold as it tumbles down its rocky course. It passes through ancient alpine villages and under stone bridges, creating waterfalls. Lavertezzo is the more famous of the two and has a beautiful waterfall.

The stone-arched Ponte dei Salti bridge is used to cross the river, and from the village church, you can follow the Revöira Walkway, a well-marked path where villagers have brought their sheep and families to the high mountain pastures for centuries. During the summer you can see the remains of ancient water systems and reservoirs carved into the rocks along the road.

04) The Bellinzona Castles

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The Bellinzona Castles are a collection of fortifications located in and around Bellinzona, the capital of Ticino. The group is made up of fortified walls and three castles named Castelgrande, Montebello, and Sasso Corbaro. The visible castle was built between 1250 and 1500, with extensive renovations and expansion in the last two centuries.

The castles of Bellinzona are one of Ticino’s main attractions, and the only medieval military complex in the Alpine region, with the old walls still standing. They were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000. A visit to the castles, which are also linked by a tourist train, is like diving into history: an excursion enjoyed by people of all ages due to the splendor of the fortifications’ high towers and crenulated walls. The walk through Bellinzona’s historic center is also worth seeing.

05) Locarno’s Piazza Grande

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The heart of Locarno is marked by a 700-meter-long succession of harmonious porticos built in the Lombard architectural style and housing numerous businesses and restaurants. This street view is especially lively in the summer during the musical show “Moon & Stars” and the International Film Festival. The historic center’s important sites, such as the Visconti Castle, the numerous churches of the Città Vecchia (old city), the lakefront, and the important church of San Vittore in Muralto, are all accessible from Piazza Grande.

Piazza Grande was built in the 700s as a result of the retreat of the lakefront, which had previously brushed the houses. The typical river cobblestone pavement dates from 1825.

06) The Foroglio Waterfall

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

Ticino is abundant in waterfalls. The Foroglio in the Bavona Valley, at the top of the Maggia Valley, is the most spectacular. The water screams down from a height of 110 meters, crashing through foam and splashing in a stunning natural setting. A charming village nearby, with houses clustered around a small church, reminds us of the lives of previous generations who practiced transhumance and lived in the Bavona Valley only from spring to autumn. We recommend an itinerary in a rock paradise around the waterfall to fully appreciate this natural show.

A village with houses around a small 15th century church where you can enjoy a German school triptych from 1553 and a late 16th century Roman painting illustrating the “Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple”. the waterfall In the village, in addition to the traditional stone houses, there are several tobes: buildings that served as barns and mushroom-shaped supporting structures with a stone base with a wooden top. These are historic from the days of rye cultivation, which was dried on the landing and stored in the barn. are structures.

07) Alprose Chocolate Experience

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The hot chocolate fountain in Caslano at the entrance to Ticino’s most visited chocolate factory is a delight for both adults and children. In this museum you can learn about the history of chocolate and see interesting things. Of course this delicious product allows you to observe, taste and even buy fresh cocoa. Alpro‘s chocolate-based delicacies are also available here, exporting more than 6,000 tonnes of chocolate annually worldwide.

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

Since its inception in 1991, the Chocolate Museum has drawn a large number of curious, fascinated, and gourmet visitors (70,000 per year). There are a thousand delicious ways to sample, taste, and buy cacao-based foods, ranging from the first primitive cacao-based foods prepared by the ancient peoples of Central America to modern products. During the tour, you will learn interesting facts and stories about Daniel Peter, who invented milk chocolate.

08) Old Town, Lugano

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The old town of Lugano rises abruptly from the three squares that surround its Palazzo Civico (town hall), along a street that is a series of stairways and terraces. A funicular climbs beside it to the rail station high above.

In front of the church of San Lorenzo, Lugano’s cathedral, a large terrace opens up. It was originally Romanesque, but it was expanded in the 13th and 14th centuries and extensively altered in the 17th and 18th centuries. However, it has beautiful medieval frescoes in its otherwise mostly Baroque interior. You can descend through the old town’s winding streets or take stairways that connect parallel streets to get closer to the lakefront.

09) The Centovalli Railway

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The Domodossola-Locarno railway line, also known as the Centovallina in Switzerland and also the Vigezzina in Italy. It is a metre-gauge railway that runs between Domodossola, Italy, & Locarno, Switzerland. It traverses the Vigezzo Valley and the Centovalli.

From Locarno, one of Europe’s most scenic train rides departs, following lofty tracks perched high above the Melezza River and its tributaries. The melting snow from the Alps has caused each of these rivers to carve a deep valley over millennia, reputedly 100 of them, hence the name centovalli.

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  • Madonna del Sasso

10) Madonna del Sasso

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

A funicular runs up from Via Ramogna, just below Locarno’s train station and toward Piazza Grande, to the wooded hillside, Madonna del Sasso and the lake. You can also walk to the church and its Capuchin friary in 30 to 45 minutes by following a path with Stations of the Cross.

Created in 1480, the church was rebuilt in 1616 and ornately redecorated in the nineteenth century. The most notable artworks in the church are Flight into Egypt, a major work by Bramantino completed in 1536, and Entombment, completed around 1865 by A. Ciseri. The Ciseri is in the second side chapel, to the right of the entrance. A collection of ecclesiastical art and manuscripts can be found in the monastery museum. The terrace offers spectacular views of Lake Maggiore.

11) Lake Lugano

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

Lake Lugano, unlike Lake Maggiore, is surrounded by mountains whose forests extend all the way to the shore. The breathtaking views had already captivated Grand Tour visitors who couldn’t miss the traditional boat tour. The “Ticino” was the first steamer to sail the lake’s waters in 1848. Today, a network of modern boats provides a wide range of cruise options as well as the ability to reach the region’s main attractions by lake, including Gandria, Morcote, Swissminiatur, the San Salvatore funicular, and the Monte Generoso cogwheel railways.

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

Lake Lugano has a surface area of 50 km2, with 63% of it in Switzerland and 37% in Italy. It is very narrow but also quite deep, with an average width of 1 km (up to 288 meters). Its shore is not entirely accessible by car, and some villages, such as the picturesque Gandria and Morcote, were only accessible by lake for centuries.

11 Best Attractions In Ticino Region

The boat is also a convenient way to get around the Lugano region, as many of the most interesting places are located on the lake. The boat cruise can thus be combined with some walks, such as the Sentiero di Gandria, the Caprino cellars itinerary, walks around Monte Caslano, or descending from San Salvatore towards Carona and Morcote. A boat trip can also be combined with a visit to the picturesque village of Morcote, the Swissminiatur in Melide, or the Monte San Giorgio Museum of Fossils.

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