If you’re looking for the Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions in Switzerland, this guide is a great place to start. With our list of top attractions and things to do in Lucerne, you can learn more about the best places to visit.

Briefly about Lucerne..

One of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations, Lucerne is located at the northern end of Lake Lucerne, close to the Roos River. Lucerne, like Zurich, has a well-preserved medieval history inspired by the ancient city, full of beautiful historic buildings. With a friendly atmosphere of common people, this city can be said to be perfect in terms of natural beauty.

Tourists have many things to do in Lucerne. The annual summer music festival here attracts tourists. And the Benedictine monastery of St. Leodegar, founded around 730, is a very ancient attraction.

Other major attractions, including Lucerne’s Old Town, are within walking distance from the station. The biggest attractions for mountain-loving tourists are Mount Rigi, Mount Pilatus, Mount Titlis and Mount Jungfraujoch. These mountain regions are known for some of Europe’s most spectacular alpine rides and are easily accessible.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Lake Lucerne and its shores are a great place to spend time and take beautiful photos. Further, Lucerne’s elegant Altstadt is bordered to the north by the 14th-century fortress, the 870m Museggmauer (Musegg Wall). The covered Kapellbr├╝cke (Chapel Bridge), built in 1333, connects the Aldstadt to the south bank of the Reuss River.

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

What Are The Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions?

About three days are enough for you to visit all the Best in Lucerne Tourist Attractions. Below are some of the most popular Lucerne attractions worth visiting during your stay in Lucerne.

01) Old Town

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

When it comes to places to visit in Lucerne, most people begin by strolling through the colorful Old Town (Altstadt in German). Lucerne’s Old Town is stunning, with its historic buildings and bridges, narrow cobblestone alleyways, and stunning medieval squares.

Allow time to wander and admire the beautiful painted facades and oriel windows of the medieval buildings, especially those around Weinmarkt, an attractive square.

The Old Town, in addition to being a great place to start your Lucerne sightseeing, is also a good place to come for a little bit of shopping, as the area is filled with shops, boutiques, and cafes, and it is also where you will find some of Lucerne’s best restaurants.

All of the famous Swiss products, such as watches, army knives, and chocolates, are available here, as well as a variety of other souvenirs. Lucerne’s Old Town also has a number of department stores and internationally recognized brands, such as H&M and Fossil, and a fruit and vegetable market is held every Tuesday and Saturday.

02) Mount Pilatus

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

Mount Pilatus, which can be reached via the cableway from Kriens and returned via the cog-railroad. After a half-hour ride from Kriens, another short cable car ride takes you to the 2,070-meter Pilatus-Kulm.

Pilatus, also known as Mount Pilatus, is a hill massif in Central Switzerland that overlooks Lucerne. It is made up of several peaks, the highest of which is known as Tomlishorn. It is a six- to ten-minute climb from here to the summit of the Esel, Pilatus’ central peak with spectacular views of the Alps. The Tomlishorn, the highest point in this rugged limestone massif, is a 30-minute walk from the Pilatus-Kulm.

Bus no.1 (platform A) departs from Lucerne main station in the direction of Kriens/Obernau. Get off at “Kriens, Zentrum Pilatus” (approx. 15 minutes). Then follow the red signs to Kriens Valley Station (5-minute walk).

Alternatively, take a boat to Alpnachstad and board the cog-railroad for a 30-minute ride through Alpine meadows and forests, and through four tunnels to the upper station on Pilatus-Kulm, then return via the cableway.

03) The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbr├╝cke)

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

The bridge itself was built as part of Lucerne’s fortifications around 1365. It connected the old town on the Reuss’s right bank to the new town on the left bank, protecting the town from attack from the south.

Chapel Bridge is famous not only for its length, but also for the magnificent paintings that cover the walkway’s roof. Painted triangular frames depict various stories from Lucerne’s rich history, ranging from the life and death of the city’s patron saint, St. Leger, to legends about the city’s other patron saint, St. Maurice.

The Chapel Bridge allows pedestrians to easily cross from Old Town to New Town. It also allows for a leisurely stroll while admiring 17th-century art. Pedestrians can now get from the Lucerne theatre on the south end to St. Peter’s Chapel.  This structure is thought to be Europe’s oldest covered bridge. 

04) The Musegg Wall & Nine Musegg Towers

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

The Musegg Wall and also the nine Musegg Towers were part of the town’s fortifications, and visitors and locals can still walk along many of the ramparts today. The old natural stone walls offer a valuable and truly unique habitat for rare animals and plants such as jackdaws, common swifts, and bats. A Musegg Wall newspaper is also available, as are guided tours.

Hinter Musegg Farm is located directly behind the wall and offers visitors the opportunity to experience farm life in the heart of the city, complete with a farm shop, eatery, and animals. The farm is organic, and visitors can get a glimpse of species-appropriate husbandry through open stable doors.

Children and families can visit alpacas, Highland cattle, mini pigs, hens, and goats, as well as work on the farm. This offer is also available to school groups. Those interested in learning more about the animals that live here can follow the educational trail and take a quiz to discover fascinating facts.

05) Lake Lucerne Tour

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

The lake is unique in that it has a very irregular shape with many bends and turns as well as four arms. The shores of Lake Lucerne are formed in part by steep mountains such as the Rigi and Pilatus, are surrounded by beautiful towns such as Lucerne and Weggis, and serve as the site of Switzerland’s oldest history.

Lake Lucerne, at 114 square kilometers, provides plenty of space for both bathing & athletic swimming. Locals and tourists alike enjoy dipping into the crystal-clear water with views of the surrounding Swiss mountain ranges at the bathing spots on hot summer days.

Another great Lake Lucerne experience is boating across the lake. There are many boat services available for this and you can choose one that suits your package.

06)  The Twin-Towered Hofkirche

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

This church’s iconic twin towers make it an important part of the Lucerne landscape. The Hofkirche is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful Renaissance churches. The church is surrounded by the tombs of Lucerne’s old families’ members. The altars inside are made of gold and are quite beautiful.

The Hofkirche is widely regarded as Switzerland’s finest Renaissance church. Parts of the original church, including the two towers from 1525 and some medieval decorative elements inside, were incorporated into the 17th-century design. The sick Virgin Mary is assisted by the apostles in this Mary-and-altar.

The Hofkirche in Lucerne is one of a small number of churches built in the 1630s in this region north of the Alps. Intricately carved choir stalls, chapels, and altars made of black marble are some of the later Renaissance style details from that time.

07) The Glacier Garden (Gletschergarten)

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

The Glacier Garden contains kettle basins from the last Ice Age, which occurred 20,000 years ago, as well as fossilized shells and palm leaves from the subtropical ocean region that existed 20 million years ago.

This amazing Ice Age relic features glacier-polished rocks, irregular boulders dropped by retreating ice, & 32 craters formed at the base of melting glacial ice waterfalls.

Exhibits also demonstrate how climate change affects the Earth. An original hiker’s hut and an observation tower are located at the summit. There are relief maps of Switzerland, groups of alpine animals, rock specimens, and historical rooms in the museum.

08) Engelberg & Mount Titlis

Engelberg is a resort village in Switzerland located in the heart of the Uri Alps. This Alpine village was built around a medieval monastery and is known for its breathtaking scenery, delectable cheese, ski slopes, chocolates, and warm hospitality. Engelberg provides almost limitless opportunities to enjoy the beautiful nature, mountains, and village – a mountain vacation to remember.

Engelberg is 25 kilometers south of Lake Lucerne, in a broad mountain valley at an elevation of around 1000 meters. Families in Engelberg benefit from the national quality seal “Families welcome,” which includes a special program for children. The summer toboggan run and the adventure playground are just a few of the activities available to children.

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

Mt Titlis in central Switzerland is famous for having the world’s first revolving cable car. This was finished in 1992 and remains one of the few on the planet. It’s only the final stage of a three-stage journey.

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

Mount Titlis is easily accessible from Lucerne via Engelberg, and the cable car will take you up the mountain from here. The train ride from Lucerne to Engelberg takes about 45 minutes, and the gondola ride to the summit takes about 30 minutes more.

09) The Heidegg Castle (Schloss Heidegg)

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

Heidegg Castle is in the Swiss municipality of Hitzkirch, Canton of Lucerne. It is a national heritage site in Switzerland. The palace, which includes a spectacular rose garden, overlooks the majestic Baldeghersee and the Alps. Entering the palace grounds gives you a good sense of its architectural value. The vineyards below and the scent of roses in bloom transport you to another world. This little paradise is best visited in June. The palace is not difficult to reach because it is not near a highway. There is plenty of parking, and if you go during the week, you will have the entire lot to yourself.

The palace’s history dates back to 1185. It all starts with Heinrich von Heidegg. The rose garden has its own story, which began around 300 years ago. Some roses are so rare that you can only find them in the palace.

  • Address : Heidegg-3, 6284-Gelfingen, Switzerland

10) Hirschpark Lucerne

10 Best Lucerne Tourist Attractions

Visiting the Deer Park in Lucerne, you can take beautiful photos of the beautiful red deer and learn about the history of the 400-year-old Deer Park. This deer park, which has been in operation since 1614, represents one of oldest attractions in Lucerne. The park has three enclosures with about 25 deer that can be fed. A non-profit organization provides a home for the European red deer species, which can be found on information boards. On request, you can also get a tour of the deer park, and its petting zoo is popular with children.

This deer park is known as a tranquil place to relax in the heart of Lucerne. About 30 to 40 people a day seek a moment of peace here. You can enjoy a natural space with the iconic red deer.

Lucerne Deer Park is open to the public, 24 hours a day, with expertly cared for animals and a newly designed environment. Here people can find balance for their daily life in deer. Children experience first hand what biodiversity means and can observe wildlife.

Hirschpark Lucerne is a vivid example of the synergy of economy and the happiness of all beneficiaries.

  • Address : Reussport-12, 6004 Lucerne.

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