Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

This guide will help you discover the 15 best places to travel in Vaasa, Finland. Read this article to know the facts about winter as well as summer season in Vaasa city.

So, it is correct to say that Vaasa is a quiet city with wide streets. It is located on the west coast of Finland, about 400 km northwest of Helsinki. Despite being a small town, Vasa’s coastline is incredibly scenic.

In Vaasa, where there is no shortage of water resources, you can always see boats moving here and there. Those scenes are very beautiful. Also, there are cozy cafes, saunas, and beautiful green areas in the city. You can see that they are beautifully designed. Especially Vaasa is identified as a university town. Vaasa is also the second international city of Finland.

Travel in Vaasa in Summer Time

So, the best time to travel in Vaasa is summer time. The summer season starts in early to mid-June and lasts until mid-August. You can enjoy long afternoons and mild heat on the beach. Not only that, many outdoor festivals and outdoor games are organized. Common people of Vaasa also go to summer resorts to enjoy the nature at this time. Barbecue parties are great these days. They are that delicious. Let’s see what places we can travel in Vaasa in summer.

01) The ruins of Old Vaasa

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

Vaasa’s historic center, also known as Vanhan Vaasa, is being destroyed as a result of the devastating forest fire disaster that occurred in 1852. This city is in utter disrepair. According to legend, King Karl IX created the historic city of Vaasa in the year 1606, or roughly 1000 years ago.

The most well-known landmarks among the remaining remains here are the base of the former Trivial School with its memorial stone, the enormous clock tower, and St. Mary’s Stone Church with its crumbling stone walls and big windows.

02) Onkilahti

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

A valley around 1.5 kilometers north of Vasa’s downtown is where Onkilahti is situated. The most accessible public green space is Onkilahti Beach. Silver birch trees and cow parsley flowers abundant in the summertime in the waterside forests. Along the shore, there are bike and pedestrian lanes that are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. Putusilta is the name of the bridge that spans the middle of the bay and leads to a well-liked fishing pier.

Important bird nesting grounds can be found in Onkilahti woodlands. During the breeding season, Onkilahti has recorded more than 70 distinct bird species. The small artificial island in the northern side of the bay is a haven for gulls and waterfowl. Mallard, common goldeneye, and tufted duck can all be seen close by.

The city center neighborhood of Onkilahti is highly regarded and convenient. Any time of the year is suitable for visiting this location. More birds can be seen from May to August. Early in the morning is the ideal time to visit this location.

03) Kustaanlinna Beach

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

In the Southern City Bay region’s Hietalahti District is where you’ll find Kustaanlinna Beach. The 50-meter-long sandy beach is partially manmade and partially manicured organically. A tiny woodland borders the shore on all sides. The beach is suitable for kids because the water progressively gets deeper.

The water is still less than two meters deep at a distance of 25 meters from the coast. Sand and gravel make up the seabed. On the beach, there is a women’s restroom as well. Two changing rooms, a sunbathing area, and stairs from the tower to the water are all located in the swimming building. There is no dog policy on the beach.

04) Huvivaltio Power Park

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

 The Huvivaltio Power Park is a huge, 160 hectare amusement park that is around 50 minutes’ drive from Vaasa.

There are more than 40 rides, six roller coasters, a track for horse racing, as well as shops, dining options, and lodging. The privately held park demonstrates how much one man with a vision and sufficient resources can accomplish!

The lodging and shopping center are available all year long, but the theme park is only accessible during the summer.

05) Waterpark Tropiclandia

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

Water slides, waves, waterfalls, bubble tubs, and exotic saunas may be found at Tropiclandia Waterpark. Outdoor Water Park A sizable outdoor water park featuring two children’s activity pools, wild water slide chutes, a Jacuzzi, lots of space to lie in the sun, and a terrace restaurant.

There is a variety of entertainment for all ages, and the temperature is always above +30C. For instance, there are sizable indoor spas with slides, Jacuzzis, and Hydromassage jets.

06) Hiking Around Vaasa

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

There are decent hiking paths nearby and stunning scenery in Vaasa. These are some example of hiking areas and trails around Vaasa.

Bay City Avenue –

a portion of the nature trail that circles Vaasa Southern City Bay. The ten-kilometer route, which follows Vasa Beach from Kalaranta to Riso, has new rest areas along the way as well as a brand-new bridge that crosses the historic Vasa Canal.

Edwin’s Path –

Along the Asevelikylä nature walk, Edvin Hevonkoski’s wood and metal sculptures depict history and culture in the midst of the natural world. Over 100 individual works of art or collections of works of art have already been titled.

Pilwilampi Lounge –

East of the city center, the Pilvilampi Recreation Area is located around nine kilometers away. This area is around 800 hectares in size. The region has several clearly marked cross-country ski tracks in the winter, and in the summer it becomes a network of bicycle and hiking trails.

07) Finnish Sauna in Vaasa

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

Saunas are a necessary part of life in Finland. Finland has saunas in even the residences. Most likely, your hotel has a sauna. At addition, saunas are common in gyms and swimming pools, and kids frequently visit saunas with their schools.

The floating sauna at Vaasa harbor is among the most impressive in the city. The 6 x 10m pontoon known as The Floating Sauna is situated in Vasa’s inner harbor. Pontoons travel through the inner archipelago of Vaasa’s tiny canals, passing the lovely summer homes of the numerous islands where you can unwind in a sauna. The floating sauna has 12 seats available.

08) The Replot Bridge

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

The largest bridge in Finland is called Replot Bridge. It is a magnificent bridge that is roughly 1,045 meters long. You can go there for fun in a car, on foot, or by bicycle.

Once on the bridge, one can take in its breathtaking natural splendor. A bridge connects the lovely Replot Island to the Korsholm mainland, where you can also spend some time. Don’t forget to enjoy a delectable beverage from one of the eateries next to this outdoor cruise bridge.

09) Kvarken Archipelago

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

The Kvarken Archipelago provides chances to comprehend the critical processes that produced glaciers and raised regions of the Earth’s crust. In the northern extension of the Baltic Sea known as the Gulf of Bothnia are Finland’s Kvarken archipelago and Sweden’s high coast (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

About 5,600 islands make up the Kvarken Archipelago, which has a distinctive ridge topology created by the melting of the continental ice sheet 24,000 years ago. Rapid glacio-isostatic uplift continues to pull the archipelago out of the water, causing islands to form and combine, peninsulas to grow, and lake bays to transform into marshes and peat bogs.

10) Vaasa church

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland
Vaasa Church 20190603

The Vaasa Holy Trinity Church, often known as the Vaasa Church, is a place of worship that can be found in the heart of Vaasa, Finland’s Ostrobothnia region. The Carl Axel Setterberg-designed chapel was finished in 1869. Vaasa Church has three naves and is a long building.

The church mostly embodies English Gothic as a style. The church has three altarpieces that were painted by Louis Sparre, R. W. Ekman, and Albert Edelfelt. There are 130 seats in the basement crypt in addition to the 900 seats in the church’s hall and galleries. The main pipe organ of the church, with 45 voices, was purchased in 1975.

11) Bragen’s Outdoor Museum

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

A few miles beyond the Vaasa municipal borders, on a valuable natural site, is where Bragegrden, a 1933 founding, is situated.

The various structures at the outdoor museum serve as a practical and cultural gateway into a traditional Ostrobothnian farmstead, where the main structure is located in the middle.

The Brage association in Vaasa, which maintains Bragegrden, also organizes courses and events that are in keeping with the cultural history of the environment.

12) Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

The Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art exhibits a variety of current Finnish and foreign artists as well as worldwide modernists. Simo Kuntsi’s art collection at Vaasa, one of the most significant collections of modern art in Finland, served as the inspiration for the opening exhibition.

In the old customs warehouse of the Vaasa Inner Harbor, the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art welcomed guests in February 2007. Pop art, kinetic and community art, surrealism, neo-expressionism, and postmodernism are all represented in the museum. There are around 900 Finnish and international works in the art collection.

The well-liked color bath game for toddlers and their parents allows you to explore the world of colors with kids.

13) Boat Tour Around Vaasa

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

Exploring Vaasa’s beautiful coastal areas by boat is a great travel experience. A private yacht tour, sailing tour, fishing tour, a yacht tour, etc. You can choose boat tours as per your wish and many guiding services are available here.

14) Taste Unique Food

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

Fresh ingredients and locally produced meals are widely available in the Vaasa region. Visit the historic Market Hall, a gothic-style structure that has housed regional foods for more than a century, for a fast culinary adventure.

Several restaurants and cafés in the city or by the sea in the archipelago serve delicious food and regional flavors. A trip of an hour from Vaasa will bring you to the tropical greenhouse restaurant Linds kök in Närpiö, where you’ll be greeted by strawberry and tomato plants, fruit trees, and delectable flowers.

15) Visit a craft brewery or distillery

Best 15 Places to Travel in Vaasa, Finland

Want to know more about rye-based craft products like gin, whisky, and other? A former dairy building now houses the award-winning, Kyrö Distillery, which is located 40 minutes from the city of Vaasa.

On Saturdays, you can enter and take part in a tour that includes a taste. The Kvarken Gastropub & Pizzeria, which serves delicious food and beers from their own Kvarken brewery in Raippaluoto, is another fantastic place to learn about the local craft brewing scene.

Travel in Vaasa in Winter Time

Travel in Vaasa in Winter Time

There are many things to do when you travel in Vaasa in winter too. The Vaasa Region offers a wide variety of activities year-round. Here are some suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities for a great winter day…

01) Sledding Hills

Travel in Vaasa in Winter Time

Vaasa offers a wide selection of spectacular and well-liked sledding slopes during the winter. There are 08 designated sledding hills all across the city, and they are very accessible. Few of them are :

1).Kalaranta sledding hill.(Address: Rantakatu, Vaasa).
2).Edvininpolku sledding hill. (Address: Edvininpolku playground Lystitie, Vaasa)
3).Gerby sledding hill (Address: Gerbyn rantatie)
4).Pukinjärvi sledding hill (Address: Hevoshaantie, Vaasa.)

02) Ice Skating

Travel in Vaasa in Winter Time

There are numerous ski tracks in the Vaasa area that are appropriate for both active individuals and exercisers. When there is no snow, several of the tracks serve as running routes because they are illuminated. Vaasa Pathway, Hickory Hills and Hickory Meadows, Timber Ridge Resort, Leelanau Avenue is a few examples of them.

03) Drown on the Ice

Travel in Vaasa in Winter Time

A truly “cool” program in every sense of the word. This activity involves diving into the ice while wearing a survival suit. It’s a refreshing experience and safely try what zero degree water feels like.

04) Driving Snowmobile

Travel in Vaasa in Winter Time

Snowmobile riding is simple and enjoyable. However, mastering it or handling more challenging situations can take some time. The easiest approach to enhance your riding is to simply get out there and start riding; just keep in mind to prioritize safety at all times.

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