Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Read this to learn more about the 10 best attractions in Lahti where green forests, dynamic blue lakes and a friendly urban layout coexist harmoniously. It takes about 90 minutes to go from Helsinki to this lovely city on the edge of the Finnish Lakeland.

Lahti serves as the capital of Päijänne Tavastia, which is one of Finland’s major economic regions and is rapidly expanding. Lahti has been a longtime leader in environmental sustainability, starting as far back as 1990. Lahti has been selected as the 2021 European Green Capital by the European Commission.

You can consume food and beverages that are produced nearby, and you can meet with the farmers, brewers, distillers, and baristas who are passionate about putting high-quality products on your table every day. Lahti is still developing as a tourist destination but It will eventually make a significant impact on Finnish tourism, though.

The Lahti region was selected as one of the Best European Destinations for 2022 and received recognition as the Best Sustainable European Destination for 2022 from the European Best Destination travel website. Lahti, which is located 100 kilometers northeast of Helsinki, was named one of CNN Travel’s top places to visit.

Everyone may enjoy the gorgeous eskers, lake coastlines, breathtaking views, and wilderness-like atmosphere. Historic churches, intriguing museums, and the built cultural environment all offer locations worth visiting.

To Identify your favorite, let’s find out what are the top 10 attractions in Lahti.

01) Explore the Salpausselkä Geopark

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

The most well-known geological site in Finland is Salpausselkä Geopark, which is situated in the Lahti region of southern Finland. This water-formed environment is a must-see while visiting Finland. The Ice Age created the distinctive ice-marginal feature known as Salpausselkä. The Salpausselkä Geopark region has the most picturesque location. The stunning Kelvenne Island in Päijänne National Park and the Pulkkilanharju Esker, an internationally significant feeder esker, are connected by them here.

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Sand and gravel make up the majority of the ridges and eskers in Salpausselkä. Salpausselkä, which is Finnish for “blockage,” refers to the obstruction that happens in the Lakelands’ waters. Numerous lakes to the north of Salpausselkä, ranging in size from tiny kettle ponds to Päijänne, Finland’s second-largest lake, provide residents and visitors alike breathtaking vistas and superb recreational opportunities. A quarter of the Finnish population gets their drinking water from this area, which is connected to the southern Päijänne lake by the second-longest tunnel in the world.

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Observation towers, high hills, craggy rocks, and steep ridges provide stunning vistas of the natural world. The area’s hundreds of lakes, which range in size from tiny kettle ponds to Päijänne, Finland’s second-largest lake, offer breathtaking scenery and fantastic options for pleasure.

02) Lahti Museum Of Visual Arts Malva

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

The Malva Visual Arts Museums are located less than 50 minutes from Helsinki. This museum is a modern museum full of art, designs, posters and culture. Malva Museum of Visual Arts can be introduced as a valuable museum where culture lovers, children and adults alike can have a wonderful viewing experience.

Talking about the collection of Malwa Museum of Visual Arts in Lahti, it has a total of 9000 artworks and a collection of 70000 posters. Ahto, a piece of art created by the Finnish Ekho Collective, is always on view in the Light Gallery of the Malva Museum of Visual Arts. It changes depending on the number of visitors.

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

The work examining the many situations of water can be seen and experienced in Malva starting on April 29, 2022, the opening day of the museum. It is situated in Malva’s 15-meter-high Light Gallery, which serves as the entrance to all of the exhibitions.

Address : Päijänteenkatu 9, 15140 Lahti, Finland

03) Lake Päijänne

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

The second-largest lake in Finland is Lake Päijänne. The Lake Päijänne basin extends northward from Lahti’s Lake Vesijärvi to the town of Jyväskylä. The lake encompasses a total area of 118 km2. In the southern and northern halves of the lake, respectively, are “Asikkalanselkä,” “Tehinselkä,” and “Judinsalonselkä,” and the largest open bodies of water are “Vanhanselkä” and “Ristinselkä.”

Sandstone eskers, isolated lagoons, and steep rocks can be found in the nature lover’s paradise that is Päijänne National Park, which is located in the southern section of Lake Päijänne. Of course, as the national park is primarily made up of lakes and tiny forest islands, the best way to explore is by boat and also reachable by car and bicycle. The national park’s islands can be reached during the winter months by skiing, snowshoeing, or snowshoeing.

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Kelvenne, one of the biggest and most stunning esker islands in Finland, is the focus of the national park. Papinsaari, Huhtsaari, and Hietasaari are additional esker islands in the park. The lagoons and sand beaches on these esker islands are well-liked by boaters and hikers alike. The Pulkkilanharju esker mountains and Päijätsalo island are two of the park’s picturesque highlights.

04) The first whisky distillery in Lahti

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Teerenpeli is a tiny yet beautiful whiskey distillery that has been running out of the Taivaanranta restaurant’s basement since 2002. The distillery is the oldest in Lahti. They offer samples as part of their distillery tours. Online reservations can be made by paying 25 euros per person.

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Single malt whiskey is made here annually in 160,000 liters. Local ingredients make up every component of the whiskey made here. From surrounding fields, they obtain the barley used to make their whiskey. They use the purest fresh ground water available in the area.

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

It’s fascinating to learn how whiskey is produced. In order to mature the whiskey, old Spanish sherry barrels are used. It gives the whiskey an extra oak flavor that increases complexity. There is also craft beer and gin production. There is more to Teerenpeli than just booze and distilling. Additionally, it creates tasty beers that patrons of its restaurant or bar can savor.

Finland has a number of taverns that sell its beer all across the country, including ones in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Turku, and Oulu. Therefore, if you are planning a lengthy vacation throughout Finland, keep in mind that their products are offered.

Address: Rautatienkatu 13, 15110, Lahti

05) The Wood Architecture Park

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Lahti has long been famous for its woodwork, and while the cultural and economic landscape of Lahti has shifted dramatically over the past century and a half, the city still pays homage to its roots. The Wood Architecture Park is composed of several pieces which have been commissioned to be built in public areas around Sibelius Hall.

The park includes edifices created by International Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award winners. Designs are significant pieces of public art that enhance the quality of life by offering aesthetically pleasing experiences and bringing life to the park environment.

Every two years, an excellent person or group in architecture is given the International Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award. International experts serve on the jury that chooses the recipient.

Several of the Wood Architecture Park’s distinctive, prominent designs:

Illuminated Canopy, 2005 – by Kengo Kuma
Wooden Spiral, 2006 – by Richard Leplastier
Piano-Pavilion, 2008 – by Gert Wingårdh
Changing the Hut, 2013 – by Herman Kaufman
Resting Place, 2018 – by José Cruz Ovalle
Wooden pavilion, 2018 – by Erkko Aarti

06) The Lanu Sculpture Park

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Olavi Lanu Sculpture Park is situated in a natural setting in Karinimi Park. This is especially true in the summer, when the sculpture is covered in a thick canopy of trees and vegetation. In the winter, the sculptures are covered in snow and meld with the surrounding scenery.

His human subjects’ embraces and kisses, as well as organic shapes like twisted trees, boulders, and willows, are among Lanu’s recurring themes. Many of the artworks were created as originals at the artist’s summer residence in Punkaharju. The sculptures were subsequently cast in concrete in a Renkomaki gravel mine.

In contrast to simply meandering through the forest, the works are positioned in the forest as natural features, making them more of a part of nature. The sculptures’ gray tone and their smooth, straightforward shapes let them fit in with their environment. Some of them had moss coverings, which was the artist’s aim all along. An attractive feature are the sculptures in the Karinimi woodland.

Address : Satamakatu 2A, 15140 Lahti Finland

07) The Renovated Harbor

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

In comparison to those other Finnish regions like Turku and Helsinki, Lahti’s history is relatively recent. Lahti started to develop in 1870 after it was made a crucial component of the railway link to St. Petersburg.

The port region gave rise to Lahti’s growing industry for a century thanks to the railway connection, which was principally responsible for the city’s beautiful woodwork and wooden furniture.

However, Lahti’s formerly booming sector started to collapse as the manufacturing age came to an end. Politicians in Lahti determined in 1985 that the harbor area should be transformed into a living and recreational area and returned to the local populace.

As a result of the abundance of bars, cafés, restaurants, and free public spaces where you can relax and take in the breathtaking views of the lake, the port area is now known as Lahti’s “summer living room.”

08) The Sibelius Hall

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

The Sibelius Hall is situated in the old lumber industry district of Lahti and was inspired by the winning submission of an architecture contest launched in 1998. Kimmo Lintula and Hanu Tikka, two architects, created the structure. The entire complex has been separated into distinct building blocks using the same concepts as historic manufacturing halls.

Small scales are discovered inside, practically touching the furniture and wooden joints, and the wood constructions gave the new component a distinctive architectural character. The conference and rehearsal rooms, artists’ lobby, and the cover, which have spectacular views to the west across Lake Vesijärvi, are all located inside the old joint factory.

The entrance lobby, the most significant public facilities, information points, and exhibition accommodations are also located there. All outdoor terraces are found in wings that run parallel to the shore. The spatially well-defined atrium, which serves as the center of the entire structure as well as a dining area, connects the ancient and new sections of the building and gives the impression of being in a pine forest.

Address: Ankkurikatu 7, 15140 Lahti, Finland

09) Delicious food and beverage experiences

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Even by international standards, the environment of Päijät-Häme is unusual due to the interaction of the land and water. Clean groundwater, which provides Finland’s best tap water and is an essential part of food production, is filtered through layers of dense gravel and sand.

Visit Lahti for a traditional and flavorful cuisine experience. Famous ingredients in local cuisine include fish, game, berries, and mushrooms. Local breweries, farmers’ markets, and bakeries may be found in the Lahti Region. Our high-quality fruit is mostly due to the pure, clear water that comes from natural springs.

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Consider eating a meal of organic food at MeaManna or Lipterin in Lahti. Visit the Hollola Medieval church in a single day and savor the Kunnantupa feast. And take in the views of the Voitto ski jumps or Lokki or Nosturi’s Lake Vesijärvi.

Restaurant Roux, well-known Restaurant Taivaanranta, Coppa Eatery, Kokka Bar & Bistro, and Restaurant Lastu on the harbor, as well as the Viking restaurant Harald, the lovely Italian Mamma Maria, and Kumpeli Spa in Heinola are just a few of the options. Try each one!

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Visit Viipurilanen Deli Café in Vääksy, the cozy Lintan Kammari in Sysmä, or Kariranta by the harbor in Lahti for the greatest cinnamon rolls ever. Additionally, you may find a selection of gluten-free pastries at La Kar de Mumma in Hartola. Visit the cozy harbor and boat eateries for coffee, lunch, dinner, or a local beer.

10) Cycling in Lahti

Best 10 Attractions in Lahti, Finland

Due to its varied, adaptable topography and many bodies of water, the Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark and its surrounds are an ideal riding destination. Cycling through winding forest trails and rolling rural roads forces you to ascend up peaks and drop to the lake’s coasts because of the peculiar terrain created by the meltwater at the end of the Ice Age.

The route details are available as a GPX file that may be downloaded and contains editable map and GPS data. The best way to access GPX, the most popular file format for route maps, is through a program, GPX device, or other tool that can read this data file.

Some Attractive cycling routes in the region.

Leisurely local routes
Best gravel and bike packing routes
Road cycling routes
Mountain biking trails

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