Ski resorts in Colorado

4 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in Colorado, 2023

There are top-rated ski resorts in Colorado when compared with the other states. The Colorado state can offer you high-end, world-class ski resorts to low-end family-friendly ski resorts that you and your family can enjoy without any problem.

Normally the best place for you to go Skiing in Colorado state will depend on your choice, budget and the time of your visit to the state. Not like the ski resorts in Utah, the ski resorts in Colorado state offer both skiing and snowboards.

Where are the ski resorts located in Colorado state?

Most of the major ski resorts in Colorado state are located near Denver, some of them are Keystone, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Copper, Vail, and Arapahoe Basin. Other than those Aspen and steamboat are also great ski sites located slightly further but still, those places are located within range of Denver. These two places have airports that have direct flights to anywhere in the USA.

Other than these in the southwest part of the state, there are Silverton, Telluride, and Purgatory for your skiing tour.

Things you need to consider

Also, the main thing you need to consider when you are planning to visit these ski resorts in Colorado state is the opening and closing times of the season. Some of the ski resorts in Colorado are open soon as the season arrives and the weather conditions are perfect but some other resorts maintain fixed conditions for their service. Also, some of the resorts are now using snow-making machines to open their resorts ahead of the season and invite visitors and the dates listed below are estimated from the resorts.

These are the top-rated ski resorts in Colorado 2023

1. Vail Mountain Resort

The Mountain: Because of the best terrains it has and of its larger size make it is one of the largest ski resorts in the whole world. Because of that Vail is one of the best ski resorts in Colorado.

For a whole season, seven back bowls can host all of the skiing visitors. This can happen if you go through the long groomed runs in front of the vail town. But some visitors don’t like places like those.

Also, the large space allows any level of skiing visitor to enjoy the skiing experience from beginners to experts. Also, there are always good places in the mountain for everyone. Intermediate and beginners for skiing always go for the front groomed runs while the more experienced ones go for advanced tree skiing, moguls and steeps in the back.

Compared with other resorts Vail receives not higher but intermediate snowfall of around 350 inches in a season. Also recently, the resort management did a snow enhancement project to make the ski season longer.

This place has nearly 5289 acres of land with 31 lifts with 3 terrain parks and it does an extensive amount of grooming. This is a good place for any level or skier.

Also for 2022/2023, Vail replaces the current Quad in Game Creek Bowl with a high-speed chair. This move will majorly improve the amount of skier transport and allow for more laps. Also, a new lift is under the way and it eases some of the pressure the lift 5 has and makes the sundown bowl easy to access.

To maintain the skier’s experience on the hills the day lift tickets will be limited in Vail. EPIC day and season pass holders and the patrons of the school have no such limitations and the quantities available for the day will be posted on the website of the Vail.

In the EPIC ski pass program Vail is known to be a part.

Opening and Closing: 22/23 season from 11/11/2011 to mid-April of 2023

The Town: Just off the I-70 highway Vail town is located and it highly welcomes high-end visitors with its luxury hotels and other experiences to offer like dining and shopping.

Because of the large area, it has on the highway you will see 3 different exists for Vail called West Vail, East Vail and Vail town centre. In this town, all the action occurs in the town centre including the Lionhead Village and to the west of the centre. In case you are in Vail to ski then you need to park your vehicle in the Town Center or the Lionhead Village area. Also, these two places are interconnected with each other and have some fine shopping and dining experience that can offer to you.

The area called East Vail is filled with homes and condos so it is quite removed from the action and case, you are staying in this place then you need to have some travel arrangements for yourself. West Vail is a little closer to the ski sites and it has more dining experience with fast food restaurants, grocery stores and shopping but you still need to take a shuttle to go to the mountain.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Living in Vail is expensive so if you are looking for a cheap stay you need to go to the nearby towns like Frisco, Avon, Eagle and Silverthorne. Most visitors take a flight to Denver and then take a shuttle or drive to Vail. But the closest airport is the Eagle-Vail airport and it takes 20 minutes to reach Vail from there.

By considering the above details this place is one of the top-rated ski resorts in Colorado.

The official website of this place is:

2. Aspen Snowmass

Ski resorts in Colorado

This is one of the top-rated ski resorts in Colorado. This is a combination of 4 areas around Aspen and Snowmass Village. Rivalling Vail in sheer size the four mountain includes Aspen Mountain Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen highlands.

Also, there are new improvements done to this place including the replacement of the old Big Burn lifts with a new high-speed quad chariot that costs about 10.7 million dollars. Other than that there are lots of infrastructure development has been done to this place with new shops, restaurants and new snow-making machines that have higher capacities than before.

The Mountains: This place has more than 3000 acres of land making it one of the biggest skiing sites in this place and it is also a family-friendly place.

This Snowmass area has a top elevation of 12500 feet and a base elevation of 8100 feet.

Snowmass village has a traditional ski village atmosphere with shops, restaurants and other facilities for you which makes it a perfect place for you to base yourself when you’re going to ski in this area.

Other than that Snowmass started offering free s’mores at the Snowmass Mall and the base village fire pits every day between 3.30 – 4.30.

The area called Buttermilk is famous because it often holds the Winter X Games. Even though Aspen Mountain has no beginner runs by contract, this place has beginner and intermediate runs.

The place called the Aspen Highland is known for its expert and advanced runs even though it has some beginner runs.

With Audi FIS Ski World Cup, Aspen will hold the best downhill racers in the world in March 2023.

This place is a part of both the IKON and Mountain Collective Ski Pass programs.

The Town: Aspen town which is located at the bottom of the mountain has popularity because of its high wattage celebrity status. Also, many famous people including movie stars to athletes own properties in this place and this place is a popular weekend getaway even if you are not a skier.

This place was not begun as a ski resort around the mountain, it began as a mining camp and as a result, this place allows you to feel the authentic mountain town feel. In case you are planning to visit this place the base of the mountain offers a variety of hotels to stay.

By considering the above details this place is one of the top-rated ski resorts in Colorado.

The official website of this place is:

3. Telluride Ski Resort

Located near the San Juan mountain, this place is one of the most scenic places and best ski resorts in Colorado. Because of its good terrain to ski and the adequate snowfall in the area, no wonder that this place is one of the best places to go skiing.

The Mountain: If you are looking for a place to ski that has a good height, then this is the place for you. Resort has more than 3000 acres of land and an elevation range of 8725 – 13150 feet. This place offers ski runs for beginners, intermediate and experts and also this place has about 300 inches of annual snowfall.

After 14 years Telluride has upgraded its lift #9 chair to a new one for the 2022/2023 season. This new one is a high-speed detachable one to its previous one with a fixed grip triple chair. Also, it will help to reduce the ride time to 7 minutes from 12 minutes.

There is a free Gondola service that allows the visitors to move from the village to the ski site at Telluride, this helps the visitors to move back and forth whenever they like. Anyone can use this Gondola service to travel.

Also, the visitors who live in the Telluride can ski once they are finished or they can use the Gondola to go there. Also sometimes the runs they made from the top of the gondola are steeper and not green than they expect for some skiers, especially at the end of a ski day.

Also, the Telluride ski place is one of the EPIC ski pass program ski places

Opening and Closing: This place opens from 24/11/22 to 2/4/22

The Town: This is not a privately owned ski resort area, it is a true ski town. Also, the main street of this place is filled with shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Also, any visitor can enjoy their stair with a lot of enjoyable things available in this place from Spring to Winter. In addition to that this town has many festivals for the visitors to enjoy at any time of the year.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: This place is one of the best towns that offers you skiing facilities and it is better and more enjoyable for you when you reside in this place while you are visiting this place. Also in case you are planning your visit in the busy season you might come to see the price hike in the hotels and also if you are travelling with your pet it will be a hard thing to find a place to stay here.

Also for a better experience and availability of pet facilities with accommodations, you may need to consider staying in the Durango city area which is located 2 hours away from this place. People in the Durango ski resort area also travel to the Telluride for skiing. Other than these places you can always go to Montrose town which is located 90 minutes away from the town.

By considering the above details this place is one of the top-rated ski resorts in Colorado.

The official website of this place is:

4. Keystone Resort

Ski resorts in Colorado

The Mountain: This place consists of three mountains each taking you away from the resort and the less crowded it gets for you to ski. This is one of the top-rated ski resorts in Colorado. This resort is a large one with 20 lifts and it is suitable for any level of skier most of all it is a family-friendly place.

The Decorum Mountain is best for beginners and cruisers. The next one is North Peak which has steep terrains for advanced skiers. 3rd one is called The Outback which has a peak of just under 12000 feet and it is suitable for beginners and intermediate ones.

Recently the Quad Peru chair in this place has been replaced with a more effective 6-passenger one. This new change will help to increase the number of ski visitors in the upper area by 25% more than before and it is a big difference.

In Bergman Bowl, a new 6-passenger lift construction has begun. It will help to open 555 more acres and 16 new trails and will open in January 2023.

For people who are looking for more adventure, the resort offers Cat Skiing with access to several hills the Keystone will limit access to day lift tickets. EPIC day and season pass holders and patrons will be excluded from these limitations and the number of available tickets per day will be posted on the website.

Keystone is also a part of the EPIC Ski Pass program.

Opening and Closing: this place will open in the mid-October 2022 and close a mid-April 2023

The Town: River Run and the Lakeside are the two villages in the towns and the River Run town is located at the bottom of the mountain. Also for skiers, this is the main place of action and it offers a variety of dining options among other things.

Also, the parking in this place is more convenient and free making it more affordable than the nearby resorts like Vail which is an expensive site for skiing.

Lakeside Village is set around a lake and in the winter this lake allows you for skating. Also, there are other facilities like restaurants, shops and cafes around the lake.

Keystone is a great place for skiers around the world and it offers a wide variety of facilities to spend your time in this place memorably with its other activities like snowboarding, skating, yoga, art studios and horse-drawn sleigh rides and many more.

By considering the above details this place is one of the top-rated ski resorts in Colorado.

The official website of this place is:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to go skiing in Colorado?

Late February to mid-March is the best time to go skiing in Colorado state ski sites because it is the most enjoyable period

What is the most expensive Ski site in Colorado?

The most expensive ski site in the Colorado state area is the Vail. It is because of its beautiful terrain and the fantastic facilities it has.

What is the snowiest month in Colorado?

Normally the highest snowfall for the Colorado state territory will occur in the March and April period.

What Colorado ski resorts stay open the longest?

Arapahoe Basin is the ski area where you can go skiing until the end of June each year. Which makes it the longest open ski area in the whole of Colorado state.