Best beaches in Delaware

10 Best Beaches in Delaware

Most of the best beaches in Delaware region are located in the southern part of the state facing the Atlantic Ocean. In every summer lots of tourists and local people gather around this place to enjoy the water sports, sand and other things in the nearby town area.

Rehoboth and Bethany are the major attractive beach sides that are suitable for families and couples to enjoy. But some visitors seek more peaceful and less crowded places to spend their vacation in state parks and small-town beaches.

Other than the beautiful beaches visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of this place, can dive and explore the maritime history of Delaware and enjoy tax-free shopping. From these choices, you can choose one to enjoy your vacation.

These are the best beaches in Delaware

1. Rehoboth Beach

Best beaches in Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is one of the top beach resort towns with the most tourist attractions with ambience and beautiful boardwalks. Among other things, the Broadwalk is the centre of all actions on the beach because it includes several restaurants and café, souvenir shops, candy stores, Funland park and Beach Arcade.

Funland has several enjoyable things for you and your family with a ticket including favourites like bumper cars, kiddie rides, thrill rides and a haunted house. The amusement park has a video game arcade and a carnival-style midway. This place is also famous among visitors as a fashion paradise and as a tax-free shopping place.

Also, the beach is also free and available to the public and there are lifeguards in the beach area during the summertime.

This beach area has several good hotels from small to large ones, such as Boardwalk Plaza Hotel for your stay. There are several restaurants with sea views, places suitable for couples and places including private spas and rooftop sun decks.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

2. Bethany Beach

In Bethany Beach, a wooden boardwalk spread along the beach line for half a mile where you can enjoy the sea view while walking along. Also, there are foot washing stations available along the boardwalk and other than that it includes food vendors and shops that sell seafood to ice cream.

Bethany Surf Shop and other available shops in the area allow you to rent anything you need to use on the beach starting from bicycles to boutiques to carry your dog because dogs are not allowed out on the sand.

Also, you can rent Jet Skis from the local rental shops during the allotted times for Jet ski playing and there are mini golf playing areas for family visits.

Also each summer Bethany Beach hosts weekly events for the locals and visitors including movies on the beach each Monday at dusk and each Thursday bonfires on the beach.

There are several hotels and resorts in this place for your stay and among them, the Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn by Marriot offers you the best deal including indoor and outdoor pools, beach access, self-service laundry, complimentary breakfast and an onsite spa.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

3. Cape Henlopen State Park

Best beaches in Delaware

This beach area is suitable for visitors for swimming and there are lifeguards from Memorial day weekend to Labor day among the other facilities available for you. In addition to that, there are full bath house facilities for you including showers and restrooms, a concession area and umbrella rentals.

Also other than those things the park visitors can enjoy the area around which includes basketball courts, disc golf courts, miles of hiking and walking trails along the seashore and 3 miles of paved bike trial.

Also, tourists can go to the WW2 observation tower by climbing it and exploring an old bunker at Fort Miles Historic Site. Other than that you can take advantage of the educational programs at Seaside Nature Center.

In including the beach access many parts of the park are wheelchair accessible. For public use, there is a fishing pier and also you can rent boats and kayaks.

Savannah Inn was built in 1914 as a brick Victorian and it welcomes families. This place is located just two minutes away from the beach and all the rooms have a private bathroom including a good breakfast.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

4. Lewes Beach

This beach is famous among families visiting with their children because of the gradual slope and gentle surf, low undertows which are perfect for the children to stay and enjoy safely. In this place, there are bathhouses with clean showers and toilets and in the summertime, there are lifeguards on duty. Other than those things there are ice cream shops and vendors who sell refreshments and a small concession stand.

Also, the other interesting thing about this place is the reasonable parking rates with metered parking spaces which allows people who do not plan to stay the whole day in this place to pay a reasonable parking fee. Also, the visitors can view the Delaware Breakwater structure and Harbor of Refuge which is known as a historic beacon in the bay.

In addition to the things mentioned above in the town of Lewes, you can find boutiques, restaurants and interesting shops near the inn at Canal Square.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

5. Dewey Beach

Top-Rated beaches in Delaware

Dewey Beach is located in Rehoboth Bay near Rehoboth Beach and in a town area that is famous for its boutiques and dining.

There are special events and highlights in this Dewey Beach for your entertainment such events are the yearly music festivals including Fiddler’s Festival and Elvis Festival. In addition to that, there are night live music events in the summer and movie nights and bonfires weekly in the beach area.

Also, some of the regular beach activities are the junior lifeguard program, environmental education program and seaside yoga. In addition to that in this place, water sports are popular among the visitors and the visitors can rent kayaks, paddle boats, pontoon boats and Jet Skis according to their choice.

In this place, parking regulations are strictly followed and parking spots are hard to come by. If you select the Surf Club Oceanfront Hotel and Beach House as your stay, then you don’t have to worry about the parking problems in this place. This place is located within walking distance from all the attractions in this area with amazing food, babysitting services and laundry facilities.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

6. Fenwick Island State Park

This beach is located near the barrier island and it is a 3 miles long beach area along the coast of the Atlantic. In the summer season, there are lifeguards in this area and there are bathroom facilities along with showers and changing rooms.

In this place, there is a concessions area, to get your last-minute purchases a gift shop and rental facilities for umbrellas and chairs if you need them. Thanks to Mobi-Mat equipment, some parts of the beach area are accessible for wheelchairs.

People who like surf fishing can purchase a permit from the gift shop. Also near the beach area, there are water sports shops where you can rent stand-up paddleboards, kayaks and sailboats with instructions. In addition to that there are programs that offer you eco-tours to the surrounding waters and the park’s dune system.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

7. Delaware Seashore State Park

Beaches in Delaware

In this State Park area, there are several beaches and lifeguards are available on two of those beaches there are lots of facilities available for the people who visit this place. Each of these places offers its visitors bathhouses, restrooms and shower facilities and snack bars. For the people who don’t like to carry their equipment while they visit this place has rental facilities for the equipment they need.

Surfing is also famous in this area and some of the beach areas are reserved for that. Other areas are reserved for fishing and boat riding.

In this 2825-acre park, there are lots of nature trails and educational programs in the summertime. Bethany Beach Ocean Residence Inn by Marriott is a famous place for family visits because of its facilities available such as private balconies, bicycle rental and pool facilities. For visitors aged 21 or older the place called Addy Sea is a perfect place because of its facilities and services for the guests.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is the address of this place in case you are planning to visit this place.

The official website:

8. Slaughter Beach

Other than the name of the beach it is a good and lovely place in the Delaware bay area. This place is popular because of the large number of birds that come to this place to feed on horseshoe crabs. This beach area is an official horseshoe crab sanctuary and it is the most important place in Delaware state. By being in the town symbol it shows how important are these horseshoe crabs to this place.

If you are visiting this place you need to bring your water shoes because of the pebbles and the crab shells presence in the beach area especially, in the low tide seasons. In addition, there are several facilities for the visitors available in this place including a bathhouse and shaded picnic facilities. In general, this place is perfect for people who are looking for a low-key day by the water.

Hampton Inn Milford is a perfect place to stay in this area and you can enjoy its features like good service, a fitness centre, complimentary breakfast and pool facilities.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

9. Broadkill Beach

Best beaches in Delaware

This beach area has become the alternative to the nearby highly crowded beach areas because of its less crowded nature. This is one of the few areas in the state that does not require any parking or entrance fee. Because of that, facilities in this area are minimum for visitors.

On the edge of the beach, there is a shop for snacks, beverages and other basics. Because of the limited parking space available in this area, it is better to arrive early as possible, especially during the mid-summer time.

Brick Hotel is one of the best places in this area located near Georgetown where you can enjoy your stay.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware.

10. Holts Landing State Park

This place is the best place for nature lovers because of its natural scenery and the beach along its 200-acre coastal park area. There are lots of habitats in this place including freshwater regions, salt marshes, grassy fields and marine forests which are home to herons, hawks and herons among the other ones. Also, there are lots of walking and hiking trails around this area which allows anyone to enjoy the view of this park.

There is a place called the public boat access ramp which is open 24 hours a day to allow the boat owners to time their trips and make use of the night fishing. Also, popular water sports in this place include windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding and Kayaking.

There are lots of other activities which you can enjoy such as fire pits and during the summertime free evening concerts and family outdoor nights with activities for all of the family members. In addition to that park, amenities include restrooms, picnic, horseshoe pits and areas. Also in some areas, dogs are allowed.

According to the above details, this is one of the best beaches in Delaware. Inlet Road, Dagsboro, Delaware is the address of this place in case you are planning to visit this place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cleanest beach in Delaware?

Among the other beaches in this state, Rehoboth beach is known as the clearest and cleanest beach in the Delaware state area. Also, Rehoboth beach can also be considered one of the cleanest beaches in the United States. But in the summertime, it gets crowded but still, it is the cleanest beach that you can visit in the Delaware state area.

Are Delaware beaches crowded?

Among the other beaches, Rehoboth beach is the most crowded beach in the whole of Delaware state. This place gets crowded especially in the summertime from visitors coming from Washington D.C, Baltimore and Philadelphia. This place is a popular summertime getaway for the people who live in these 3 major cities.

What time of the year is best to visit Delaware?

Normally the summertime is the best time to visit the Delaware state areas. Since this place gets crowded in this time period it is better to book your accommodation ahead of time if you are planning to visit this place in the summertime. But if you are looking for a calm and peaceful vacation with less crowded places then springtime is the best time for you.

Are the beaches in Delaware safe?

Delaware has the most famous beaches in the states which attract visitors not only from the local areas but also from all around the world mainly because of its cleanness and safety for the visitors. Also, it offers the visitors several good facilities compared to the other places.

Are Delaware beaches good for swimming?

This place is famous because of its best swimming and sunbathing experience for visitors. Also in addition to that, there are lots of modern bathhouses, bathrooms and showering places available for visitors in almost all of the beach areas in the state. There are lifeguards available in the summertime from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

Is Delaware an affordable state to live in?

The affordable housing and living expenses with low taxes make it one of the cheapest places to live in the United States. There are lots of job opportunities for any level of education. So when compared with the other states this place is one of the cheapest and good places to live in.